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  • Corrective counseling

    A few weeks ago, I approached a couple of Airmen that in my opinion were not being all they could be. I decided to take an approach that was successful in the past. The approach was to confront the individuals and correct the infractions. The twist is to have the Airmen and supervisor report to their Chief to discuss the infractions, and then have
  • New Year, new requirement

    Happy New Year everyone; I hope you all had a great 2006 and made plans for a prosperous 2007. I am sure you all achieved most of your goals and set new ones or at least reviewed and adjusted your previous goals for this year. One area that continues to be important for everyone when setting goals both personally and professionally is education. In
  • A Baffling Thought

    The Phoenix Field airport in Fair Oaks had been subject to recurring petty thefts from neighborhood teenagers, so a security firm was retained to patrol the grounds. Thefts decreased sharply, but aviation fuel consumption appeared to be higher than it should. This puzzling situation continued until late one night, when a passerby noticed a flaming
  • New Year, New You

    Jim was pushing 40 when youthful memories of days gone by brought him to the local Harley-Davidson dealership. "It was a mid-age crisis," he told the reporter. "I'd see dudes with women and thought a motorcycle would be the perfect addition to the new me." When the dealer delivered the gleaming new hog to Jim's front door, his eyes lit up like a
  • Kurban Bayrami

    About 3,5 million Moslems have started to flock from all over the world to Mecca to perform the pilgrimage called Hajj, which is the fifth pillar of Islam. Hajj is obligatory at least once in a lifetime for every Moslem, male or female, in fairly good health, and is financially capable and secure. In fulfilling this service, Moslems express their
  • Brothers in arms

    H e was now far from his base and Greene's Army was still in the field. His only hope was to bring Greene to battle and destroy him. The trained nucleus of Greene's troops drawn up behind a rail fence wrought havoc among his regulars. Again and again, headed by their officers, the regiments assaulted the American line. He had lost nearly a third of
  • Combat Education/Project Cheer/AEF cycles

    Combat Education Continuing your education is important. The muscle in our craniums needs continual exercise in order to stay in shape. The Combat Education program is all about making it easier to exercise our gray-matter. Registration for the new semester begins Jan. 3 and you can register for online courses at any time. If you want to know more,
  • Team Incirlik shouldn't be 'Ugly Americans'

    The ugly Pilgrim would be the one that got off the Mayflower and didn't listen or try to understand his surroundings. Thankfully when the Plymouth colonists first arrived they were smart enough to figure out that their survival depended upon their ability to listen, understand, and work with the Native American hosts. The first thanksgiving feast
  • Combat Proud

    Combat Proud Over the course of the last month we have hosted several visitors who have all remarked how professional the installation looks. This is great feedback and we should be proud of the image that we are projecting. In the next few months we are likely to have more visitors. Please keep the pride and continue to look through the lens of a
  • Consider your actions

    Like many of you who are sports fans, I started off my Sunday this past week watching ten players from the NBA's Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks get in a brawl during a basketball game. I know that many people look up to and try to emulate today's sports stars in the same way that I looked up to Joe Montana, Nolan Ryan and Dr J.; so what I saw