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  • Reflective Warrior

    Having a sense of purpose is the driving factor for why we are here. Do your Airmen know and understand their purpose for being here, being in the Air Force, in the DOD and in life in general? Every life has value. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of Heaven and Earth will pause to say, 'Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.’” That sense of purpose drives individuals to excel. What are your Airmen’s gifts, talents? What is their vision of why they are here on this big blue marble floating in space?
  • Grateful Warrior

    This month is an opportunity to have small group discussions about gratitude – gratitude is the foundation of resiliency. When Airmen can reflect and practice gratitude on a regular basis, they become healthier, they exercise more, they sleep better and they build better relationships. While on a short tour or deployment, Airmen may have a tendency to focus on the negative (We all are prone to negative biases – it comes from the caveman days). Helping Airmen focus on what they are grateful for in the present helps individuals’ attitudes, feelings, emotions, etc., spiral up vs. the negative emotions that cause individuals to spiral down.
  • Pergamon: City of firsts

    You do not need to drive all day to reach great places in Türkiye. You can discover a lot in a single day’s drive from Izmir. Just like Ephesus, Bergama is another historical site of great significance. The ancient site of Bergama is north of Izmir and can be reached in a 90-minute drive. Bergama, also called “Pergamon,” was one of the brightest and richest culture centers of the Hellenistic Period for 150 years, 283-133 B.C. General Philetairos, one of Alexander the Great’s generals, founded the ancient Pergamon State around 300 B.C.
  • Foça: A nice little fishing town

    Foça, a little fishing town about 45 minutes northwest of Izmir, was established in the 11th century as “Phokaia” in antiquity. Eski Foça (Old Foça) and Yeni Foça (New Foça) are two famous districts of Foça. Eski Foça is probably the best of the two districts for tourism.
  • Healthy Lifestyle Factors for Cancer Prevention

    Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide (International Agency for Research on Cancer). Of the many types of cancer, female breast cancer is the most common diagnosis. In 2021 alone, there will be an estimated 281,550 new diagnoses of female breast cancer, totaling 14.8% of all new cancer cases.
  • Air Force; Opening doors to higher education

    We miss all of the shots that we don’t take, so chase your educational dreams…and give it your all. The Air Force has so many different programs that we can attend. You never know; you could end up on a fantastic journey of learning where you grow and develop as an individual, meet driven people interested in public service, and gain knowledge that sets you on a completely different path in life.
  • My personal dedication to suicide prevention

    My journey with suicide began at a very young age. I must have been around age 10 when my parents sat me down and told me that my grandfather had killed himself. At this point, I had already lost all but one grandparent, and while death was real to me, it meant looking at a casket (because my parents would not let me look at the body) and the casket in turn being buried. No one showed emotion, no grieving from what I can remember, it was an event and we moved on. As I discovered later in life, suicide in my family is something that happens and no one talks about it.
  • Ask Mehmet: Merhaba, and welcome to Turkey!

    For our newcomers arriving in Turkey this summer, the first thing you will see and feel is the heat of the weather, but more importantly the warmth of the Turkish people, which comes from their hearts. Turks are very friendly and unbelievably hospitable. They will go out of their way to help foreigners. Turks always ask you if they could help you in any way. They are ready to share their food and drinks with you.
  • We're not the same Air Force anymore

    As a chaplain, I have had the tremendous privilege of providing invocations for our Airmen who have crossed the momentous finish line of retirement. On more than one occasion, I’ve heard a couple of them say, “You know, chaplain, it’s not the same Air Force anymore.” I hear what they’re saying, but I wonder what is underneath the statement.
  • First term Airman: Failing my way to success

    First term Airman. A term for many Airmen that carries moments of success, failure, disorientation, and most importantly, questions.