Sexual Misconduct Disciplinary Actions

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***You do not have to tell law enforcement or your commander about your sexual assault in order to receive care or assistance***

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The following data includes brief descriptions of sexual misconduct followed by disciplinary actioon issued to the guilty party. Outcomes are grouped by year and sorted by month.

Disciplinary Action Issued For Sexual Misconduct

  • 2023


    No qualifying offenses were disposed of by Courts-Martial, Nonjudicial Punishment, Administrative Action, or administrative discharge during the reporting period. 


    Sexual Harassment, Article 134, UCMJ – A Staff Sergeant sexually harassed a Senior Airman in their flight by making inappropriate comments of a sexual nature about the Senior Airman’s appearance. The Staff Sergeant also sent inappropriate comments of a sexual nature in a group message to members of their unit. The Staff Sergeant received an admonishment for this misconduct.

    Sexual Harassment, Article 134, UCMJ – A Technical Sergeant sexually harassed others in his unit by making multiple comments that were of a sexual nature. The member also asked fellow flight members to rate the attractiveness of various individuals depicted in photos, which created a hostile work environment. The Technical Sergeant received a reprimand for his misconduct.