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  • Consider your actions

    Like many of you who are sports fans, I started off my Sunday this past week watching ten players from the NBA's Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks get in a brawl during a basketball game. I know that many people look up to and try to emulate today's sports stars in the same way that I looked up to Joe Montana, Nolan Ryan and Dr J.; so what I saw
  • Temporal Distortion

    (19 December 1999, New York) A man died on Thursday after falling off the roof of a moving car. He was arguing with his girlfriend during a drive home the weekend before Christmas along Interstate 88. Although the vehicle was traveling in excess of 65 mph in the midst of gale-force winds, the man decided to exit the car onto the roof, presumably to
  • You'll never believe what heppend to us ...

    Shirt- Check this out ... So there I was. "You'll never believe what happened to us this weekend." I can't tell you how many times I hear stories that begin with those word combinations. This time last year was no exception. With the holiday season upon us, I can only hope that I don't hear those same words echoed again. Even though a lot of times
  • A new road to travel

    "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood ... and both that morning equally lay in leaves no step had trodden black. I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way ... I took the one less traveled by." -- Robert Frost Welcome to 2006 and the promise of a new road to travel, both as individuals and corporately. I am pleased to
  • Do the Digits: 0-1-3

    Loretta Lynn wrote a song a while back that captures the point behind this issue of the Tip of the Sword. For those who love country and western music 'Don't Come Home a Drinkin with Lovin' on Your Mind' is a classic oldie but goodie. There is a lyric in the song that hits our point right on the head ... 'liquor and love just don't mix.' More
  • The burden of responsibility

    Seven months ago I stood in front of many of you and took responsibility for all of you. While clearly the buck stops at my desk, each of us shares the burden of responsibility for all of us. The burden of responsibility can be measured in the weight of a newborn, it can be expressed in the words "I do," it can be heard at the other end of a phone
  • Everyone is an operator

    'Mission identity equals success,' in four words we get to the point of being an operator, which is a tactical association with the mission. In the past, we have associated operators with sun-glassed zippersuits (aviators with sunglasses). This association is a relic of days gone by and is not reflective of today's Air Force. The truth of the
  • Do the digits

    DIGITCON, "Do the Digits" starts this month. Last week during our installation commander's calls we spoke about increasing our awareness when it comes to alcohol abuse. This week we are deploying our DIGITCON program. The goal of this program is simple, "Do the Digits," 0-1-3. Broken down, that means zero alcohol-related incidents, no more than one
  • CC lauds "lik" winners

    Think like a winner, prepare like a winner, and perform like a winner. Set high but attainable goals, work toward those goals with determination and persistence, and never stop until you reach them. Be strong enough to say "No!" to those things that would make you less than your best, and say "Yes!" to the challenges and opportunities that will
  • Celebrating Christmas

    Question: Mehmet, do Turkish people celebrate Christmas? Response: You might have already noticed that shops throughout Turkey decorate their windows with pine trees, snow balls, red stockings, and statues and pictures of St. Nicholas. Turks, who are Moslem, may seem like they're observing Christmas like the Christians, but, they aren't celebrating