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  • Put safety first

    It takes all of Team Incirlik to stop the poor judgment calls that lead to many of the mishaps on and off base. The safety office has implemented the Knock it Off program to give each one of us a way to recognize when there is a potential for a mishap and stop it before it happens. Remember the five Ss when it comes to mishap prevention: Start -
  • On air

    Starting Monday, I will attempt to reach out a little more through a weekly AFN morning show (radio station 1590 AM) bright and early at 7:30 a.m. This is another opportunity for us to connect on the issues and concerns that are important to you. I will attempt to answer any and all questions on-the-spot or get back to you with a prompt response
  • Personal force protection

    Team Incirlik, a couple months ago we discussed interest in a headphone-approved running course. Our team from the civil engineer squadron and the safety office have been working extremely hard on the new headphone-approved running course with money that U.S. Air Forces in Europe sent us to support the initiative. The course is on the interior of
  • Safety is a combat skill

    All combat skills require constant training and practice. Failure to do so amounts to the deterioration of the skill and, ultimately, the loss of proficiency. Our monthly Airmen's Time initiative is a wedge toward retaining proficiency in some of the things we need to train on and practice less frequently than our core tasks. In the flying
  • Our first 100 days and the vision for Incirlik's future

    "Vision is a process that allows you to think ahead to where you want to be and what you want to be doing, and to create workable plans to lead you there." "Exercising vision is developing an understanding of where you are and where you're heading ... both as an individual and as an organization." This article is the first of a three-part series on
  • Mission: Inspiring every how

    Mission or purpose is not simply a target an organization chooses to aim for; it is the organization's reason for being. Mission is an image of purpose that inspires action, determines behavior and fuels motivation. Last week we talked about our vision, to project the most respected and versatile mission support capability in U.S. Air Forces in
  • Setting goals: creating the roadmap to achieve vision

    Imagine a pilot coming over the intercom and announcing, "I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is we have lost one engine and our navigation aids are not working. The good news is we have a tail wind and wherever we are going, we are going to get there really fast." For most of us, the notion of flying along like that plane,
  • The risks of bungee jumping

    Eric, a twenty-two-year-old Reston resident and fast-food worker, taped a number of bungee cords together and strapped one end around his foot before making the 70-foot jump from the railroad trestle. Eric remembered to measure the length of the cords to make sure they were a few feet short of the 70-foot drop, and he had the foresight to anchor
  • Can you handle the truth

    In one of my favorite movie moments, Col. Nathan Jessup, Jack Nicholson's character in A Few Good Men, tells Lt. Daniel Kaffee, Tom Cruise's character, that he should "pick up a weapon and stand a post," inferring that it would be honorable/dedicated to do so. While I don't necessarily agree with everything Col. Jessup said or did in the movie, I
  • Corrective counseling

    A few weeks ago, I approached a couple of Airmen that in my opinion were not being all they could be. I decided to take an approach that was successful in the past. The approach was to confront the individuals and correct the infractions. The twist is to have the Airmen and supervisor report to their Chief to discuss the infractions, and then have