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728th Air Mobility Squadron

The 728th AMS is a traditional Air Mobility Command en-route squadron, categorized as a tenant unit of the 39th Air Base Wing. The squadron provides expertise in three core competencies: aerial port operations, aircraft maintenance, and command and control. The area of responsibility covered by the 728th AMS is Eastern Europe, Africa and Southwest Asia. The squadron is under the command of the 521st Air Mobility Operations Group, headquartered at Rota Air Base, Spain and the 521st Air Mobility Wing, headquartered at Ramstein Air Base, Germany. Serving as the gateway to Central Command, many missions stop at Incirlik AB for fuel, crew-rest, maintenance, or transportation of cargo and warfighters downrange. The Patriot Express mission provides travel support to U.S. military members and their families, as well as providing Space-Available capability.

Ready to fly Space-A?

(If you are unfamiliar with Space-Available travel, read these frequently asked questions.)

1. Travel Eligibility

Are you authorized to travel using Space-A?  Click here to determine your travel eligibility and which Space-A Category you will travel under.

2. Locations

Where do you want to depart from, and where do you want to go? Click here to view AMC Passenger Terminal locations and contact information.

3. Document Check

Do you have all your required travel documents? This could include your leave paperwork, valid Uniformed Services ID, passport/visa or other documents required by the location you are traveling to or from. Please contact your departure passenger terminal for documentation requirements or travel restrictions. You can also get more information by visiting the U.S. Department of State International Travel website.

4. Registration

You have many choices to register for Space-A travel: In-person, remotely by fax, postal mail or email. AMC Passenger Terminals will accept email sign-ups from other than the AMC Web Site; however, AMC is not responsible for lost, delayed or incorrect information on sign-ups from those sites. Customers who have issues with sign-ups from other than AMC sites must contact that site for resolution or sign up at the time you present yourself at the terminal. We recommend that you keep copies of any emails for your records. 

5. Flight Schedules
For specific travel information, please contact your nearest AMC Passenger Terminal.  Click here for 
location information links.

6. Checking in

At the AMC Passenger Terminal, Space-A passengers can check-in at the counter to mark yourself present and review updated flight information. Ensure you do not exceed baggage weight limits or travel with any prohibited itemsAwait your Space-A call and follow instructions given to you by the passenger service agents.

Terminal information


728th AMS Passenger Terminal
Bldg. 500, Ave. A CAD
Incirlik AB, Turkey

Passenger Service Agent: 
DSN: 676-6425
Commercial: 90-322-316-6425
E-mail: incirlik.spacea@us.af.mil
Fax: 676-8244
Commercial: 90-322-316-8244

Hours of Operation:
6 a.m. - 6 p.m. Seven days a week

Mailing Address: 
Unit 7100 Box 190
APO, AE 09824

Space-A email Sign up

To begin the Space-A sign up process, email incirlik.spacea@us.af.mil the following:
- DoD ID number
- CAC expiration date
- Date of birth 
- Leave paperwork (If applicable)
- Final destination

AMC Travel

For additional AMC Travel information to include Space-Available categories, baggage allowances, dependent travel example letters, frequently asked questions and a complete listing of all AMC terminals please visit the AMC travel website below:

Traveler reminder

Please be aware that Space-A travelers must be prepared to cover commercial travel expenses if Space-A flights are changed or become unavailable. 

Per DODI  4515.13, Section 4, Paragraph 4.1.a, Reservations: There is no guarantee of transportation, and reservations will not be accepted or made for any space-available traveler.  The DOD is not obligated to continue an individual's travel or return the individual to the point of origin or any other point. Travelers should have sufficient personal funds to pay for commercial transportation, lodging, and other expenses if space-available transportation is not available. 

All associated expenses are the responsibility of the traveler.