Can you handle the truth

  • Published
  • By Col. Ken Stefanek
  • 39th Air Base Wing vice commander
In one of my favorite movie moments, Col. Nathan Jessup, Jack Nicholson's character in A Few Good Men, tells Lt. Daniel Kaffee, Tom Cruise's character, that he should "pick up a weapon and stand a post," inferring that it would be honorable/dedicated to do so. While I don't necessarily agree with everything Col. Jessup said or did in the movie, I do agree that picking up a weapon and standing a post is both honorable and dedicated. The men and women of our Joint Security Forces team display that honor and dedication on a daily basis.

I need to look no further than last week to find a perfect example. Following an auto accident in our BX parking lot, the person involved attempted to flee the scene in the car ... only to be chased on foot by one of our security forces members. I do quite a bit of running, but don't think I would have responded in the way our security forces team did - and that may be what sets them apart. Whether it's chasing down cars on foot or simply standing a post regardless of the weather or time of day, our security forces team doesn't think twice about doing what it takes to get the mission done.

It could be easy for us to take the security we enjoy at Incirlik for granted. I don't hesitate for a moment when kicking my kids outside to play with their friends as I believe there is no real threat to their safety other than what they themselves get into. Back to Col. Jessup in A Few Good Men, if you can handle the truth, then you will agree that we owe the members of our security forces team a huge debt of gratitude for providing this blanket of security. I ask that you don't take their contribution to ensuring freedom's future for granted.