Put safety first

  • Published
  • By Col. "Tip" Stinnette
  • 39th Air Base Wing Commander
It takes all of Team Incirlik to stop the poor judgment calls that lead to many of the mishaps on and off base. The safety office has implemented the Knock it Off program to give each one of us a way to recognize when there is a potential for a mishap and stop it before it happens.

Remember the five Ss when it comes to mishap prevention: Start - say "Knock it Off"; Safe - Stop the activity; State - state your concern; Solicit - get inputs; Solve - state and discuss solutions; and Settle - find an agreement everyone is comfortable with. Always play it SMART!

Combat Intro/Exit
The goal of Combat Intro/Exit is to make the out-and in-processing process as close to one-stop as possible.

I believe we have a good handle on the in-processing part and would like to focus on doing the out-processing part better.

Please help us help you to get your orders earlier than 60 days prior to your PCS date. Make sure you are taking care of the prerequisites for getting your orders well in advance of the 60 day point. Engage the 39th Mission Support Squadron early on if you are running into problems.

Customer College
Have you ever walked into an office, asked for help and been handed the "sorry, but this is not my problem" card? I am sure we all have and can remember how poor customer service made us feel.

The objective of the Customer College program is to deliver the training, resources, tools and initial skills required for customer service professionals to provide comprehensive care that exceeds customer expectations.

Take advantage of the course offered here. Let us all help each other out and kick customer service up a notch or two.