Mission: Inspiring every how

  • Published
  • By Col. "Tip" Stinnette
  • 39th Air Base Wing Commander
Mission or purpose is not simply a target an organization chooses to aim for; it is the organization's reason for being. Mission is an image of purpose that inspires action, determines behavior and fuels motivation.

Last week we talked about our vision, to project the most respected and versatile mission support capability in U.S. Air Forces in Europe.

This week's installment to the three part series on Vision, Mission and Goals presents our mission statement.

Our mission is to provide full spectrum, world-class forward operating base support to expeditionary forces while developing the professional talents of our men and women.

This is our purpose and reason for being.

Our mission is not an end-state but rather a journey of actions. In order to successfully execute our mission we must expand our capability, viability and effectiveness while honing our core competences to achieve the highest ratings possible on all inspections.

The second component of our mission is the fuel that makes it go ... the development of the professional talents of our men and women. Airmen, dependents, government civilian employees and, in essence, all Team Incirlik members are stakeholders in this component.

At the tip of the developmental spear is the expeditionary training necessary to perform our individual skills when deployed.

Closer to home is the education critical to furthering our professional development, leadership abilities and contributions to the greater community.

Our mission statement provides the why that inspires every how. It is clear to me that we have all the ingredients necessary to achieve our vision of becoming the most respected and versatile mission-support capability in USAFE. Our mission statement articulates the means by which we will achieve our vision by developing people and building a world-class forward operating base supporting full spectrum operations from contingency to sustainment to humanitarian missions. Buckle up, get ready, get set, go.