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  • Care during the holidays, beyond

    Well it is that time of the year again where we see supervisors inviting friends and Airmen over for a home-cooked meal. This past Thanksgiving was no exception; everyone appeared to be well taken care of. There were Airmen spending time with families across the base. There were also organizations taking care of the remaining Airmen that were
  • Juice me up

    Sparky was a 28-year-old, brand-spanking-new paramedic student. On his first day in the medic lab, he marked the occasion by taking the defibrillator paddles, placing them on his chest and shouting, "juice me up!" His fellow paramedic student took him at his word, charged up the paddles and shocked Sparky with 360 joules. Sparky took all of six
  • Three kinds of people

    It has been said that there are three kinds of people in life ... those who watch things happen, those who wonder what happened, and those who make things happen. We celebrated with those who make things happen at our annual awards banquet Feb. 24. We had a capacity gathering of heroes cheering on other heroes from all categories ... Airmen, NCOs,
  • 3 Fs: Preparing for the future

    Last week we were privileged to host the U.S. Air Forces in Europe vice commander, Lt. Gen. Robert Bishop Jr., and this week we are hosting another very distinguished visitor, the Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Gerald R. Murray. Leaders of this caliber come to Incirlik to watch our Airmen execute the mission and do great things for our Air
  • Whirling Dervishes

    "Come, come, whoever; whatever you are. Come again infidel, idolator or fire-worshiper come again. Our monastery is not a place of despair. Even if you have violated your oaths a hundred times, come again." And millions, from every corner of the earth, have accepted that invitation throughout the centuries. The founder of the Whirling Dervishes,
  • Make an impact; little things mean a lot

    I took my son to lunch last weekend to the restaurant of his choosing - we ended up at the bowling center (which has pretty good burgers by the way). After lunch he asked if we could play X-Box at the After Six Lounge for a while. Although I had other things to do, I agreed and promptly got trounced in one of the Star Wars games they have there.
  • Thin ice

    In New Jersey, a high school student accidentally dropped his cell phone from the Dorset Avenue Bridge. Fortunately the river had frozen over, so the phone landed on the ice, apparently intact. To a dedicated cell phone user, losing one's phone is like losing an appendage. And what loyal friend would not try to retrieve your arm or leg if it had
  • Giddy up

    We are less than six months out from our surety inspection with miles to go to prepare. You can clearly note the countdown in days on this page in each issue of the Tip of the Sword. We have set an exercise schedule to cover the next five months and get us prepared. We will ensure that everyone knows our exercise and preparation plan so that we can
  • Blinding flash of the obvious: Building a lifestyle

    The secret of Incirlik is its sense of community. Close to 6,000 people within the confines of five-square miles serving the interests of the 10th Tanker Command and 39th Air Base Wing, the 2nd Turkish Air Force and U.S. Air Force's in Europe, the Turkish General Staff and European Command, the Government of Turkey and Government of the United
  • Eight months, 20 days and 34 issues

    Man 'oh man, it seems as if it was only yesterday that I arrived at Incirlik. But in retrospect it has been eight months, 20 days, and 34 issues of the Tip of the Sword. More importantly, this issue of the Tip of the Sword marks the last of our first quarter of 2006. It has been a banner first quarter and a whirlwind eight months and 20 days. Chief