Personal force protection

  • Published
  • By Col. "Tip" Stinnette
  • 39th Air Base Commander
Team Incirlik, a couple months ago we discussed interest in a headphone-approved running course. Our team from the civil engineer squadron and the safety office have been working extremely hard on the new headphone-approved running course with money that U.S. Air Forces in Europe sent us to support the initiative.

The course is on the interior of the 2.25- mile triangle and will be open Monday. I'll see you out on the loop!

Keep track of your identity
We are all responsible for exercising personal force protection. Terrorism is a harsh reality in today's world. We track the number of lost identification cards weekly at the wing staff meeting and have noticed an increase in the number of ID cards that have been reported lost or stolen. Since October of last year, 90 ID cards have been reported lost or stolen, along with 40 gate passes.

When traveling in Turkey or shopping in the Alley and downtown Adana, please be vigilant of your surroundings and make sure you safeguard your identification. Remember, force protection is a way of life.