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  • 728th Air Mobility Squadron: Providing velocity from the front

    If you have watched the news over the last few months you have probably heard of Incirlik Air Base and its close proximity to the world's troubled spots. Incirlik AB is an important base in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's southern region and is also the home of the men and women of 728th Air Mobility Squadron.The 728th AMS is a traditional
  • Leadership words of wisdom

    Being a leader can be one of your most rewarding experiences or one of your greatest failures. According to the Air Force Pamphlet 36-2241,Professional Development Guide: "Leadership is the art and science of motivating, influencing, and directing Airmen to accomplish the Air Force mission in joint warfare. This highlights two fundamental elements
  • The adaptability of military children

    The uncertainty of military life may frighten some. There is never truly a "safe ground," or feeling of complete calmness since around the next corner may be an unanticipated change of plans. You never know when you may have to uproot your life in one place and suddenly have to rebuild your life somewhere entirely different.True as these things
  • Diversity, why is it important?

    Diversity seems to be the buzzword in our military at this time. In fact, the Air Force deems it so important that it has a website on the subject (http://www.af.mil/Diversity).  But what is it?  Why is it important? And why should we care as leaders? Just look around you when you are at your next commander's call, wing promotion ceremony or wing
  • Sexual assault survivor: One Airman's story

    Sexual assault is a hot topic -- one addressed in annual training and at commander's calls throughout the Air Force -- yet the details of victims' stories are seldom mentioned. This is understandable. These crimes against service members are intensely personal. Also, as many survivors have learned, listeners don't always know how to respond
  • Resilient leadership

    There is no cookie cutter approach or silver bullet slide presentation that will give you everything you need to know to be successful in life. Likewise, the definition of success is different from one person to the next. My path to success is a continuous process; however, I firmly believe resiliency has been a key factor in my life.Whether you
  • We are grading diamonds

    The U. S. Air Force is going through a dramatic change and has been for the last 10 years. At the onset of my Air Force career, an officer could retire with 20 years as a major and I have personally retired staff sergeants with 20 years of service. Those are now things of the past. Our officer performance report and enlisted performance report
  • Sexual assault survivor: ‘You are not alone’

     I remember the day like it was yesterday. My heartbeat echoed in my head as I attempted to dry my sweaty hands on my jeans. I was 21 years old, sitting in a Korean court room, waiting to be questioned by prosecutors. How I ended up there was unreal. Just a few months earlier I was happy; I had a loving husband, amazing friends and arguably the
  • What’s your social thumbprint?

    We've all done it; in a vain sense of curiosity to see if our social presence has made any kind of impact on the world. Just admit it - you've Googled yourself.Since entering the golden age of social media, it seems that now it's not hard to gather a handful of information on just about anyone, even ourselves.But isn't that the point? It's why we
  • Invest in yourself

    Over the years I've been fortunate enough to receive great advice and I want to take an opportunity to share some of the things that have worked for me and others.  This short read covers a few lessons I have learned about savings, education and health.  It is meant to provide just a few tactics that has worked well for me.Your savingsI get many