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  • Safe, sound holiday season

    The holiday season is a time to celebrate with family and friends, but unfortunately it is also the time of year when people face a much greater risk of home fires.According to the National Fire Protection Association's website, nearly 600 house fires occur each year during the holiday season;

  • Learning about people from my MWDs

    I am a Noncommissioned officer  and a military working dog handler at Incirlik, Air Base, Turkey. Working in a K-9 unit has served me well, and has presented a plethora of opportunities to understand how the skills I learn working with dogs translates into how humans interact with their

  • Take Time to Care

    "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care" ~ Theodore RooseveltI am lucky enough to have the best job in the Air Force as a First Sergeant.  When I'm serving my squadron and commander I try to live by the words of our 26th President of the United States, Theodore

  • Finding balance

    With the recent increase in operations at Incirlik, balancing work and personal responsibilities such as taking care of our families, finances, and health can be challenging at times. However, in order to reach mission success as effective Airmen and leaders we must find and maintain a healthy life

  • Habits versus Acts

    I recently had to put together a going away plaque for a departing first sergeant. Several years, and bases ago, we started a theme where we would pick a military or leadership quote to put on the plaque instead of the standard, "Thank you for your leadership" tag lines. The most recent quote was

  • ’Go to guy’: Getting missions done

    In almost every work center there is always at least one 'go-to guy'.  Everyone knows who this person is and they are usually easy to spot.  Sometimes the 'go-to guy' is the hardest working Airman in their section.  Other times they are the subject matter expert in their career field, regardless of

  • Two key attributes of success

    In order for any Airman to succeed in the U.S. Air Force, they need to exemplify certain characteristics. An Airman may never realize his or her potential to succeed without two crucial attributes: self-discipline and self-motivation. Discipline is instilled in us as children, starting with our

  • Instructor pilot offers personal look in how CFC helps

     The Combined Federal Campaign is something I look forward to each year. It is important to me because it easily permits me to support organizations that raise awareness, funds research, and assists those afflicted by a rare genetic disorder that runs in my family.One of my older brothers and his

  • I Will Bring You Home

    The forest was awakened by the rustling sounds of more than 80 American and Vietnamese outsiders.  The heat and humidity was no match for their determination. Their shovels, pickaxes and sledgehammers scoured the earth.  Dirt fell through sifting screens like tropical rain as they looked for human

  • The in-house recruiter

    I'll never forget the first time my Air Force pride shot through the roof of my heart.It wasn't upon graduating basic training; that was more of a weight lifted relief. It wasn't the first time I saw an F-22 Raptor take off, and it wasn't when I, as a young Airman, stood tall saluting during the