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  • ADC works for you

    You've seen our photos. You've read our posters, "We work for you--NOT your chain of command."  But who are we?  And what do we do?We are the Area Defense Counsel at Incirlik Air Base and our team consists of Capt. John Jamison and Staff Sgt. Callie Radevski. Jamison is a licensed attorney authorized to practice law and serves as a Judge Advocate
  • Let's stop talking about diversity, start talking about readiness

    The good news is that we're making great progress as we seek to make our Air Force a more diverse and capable force.  The bad news is that too many Airmen are tired of talking about it, and too many Airmen are coming to work every day feeling that their career prospects are limited by the color of their skin, sexual orientation, or gender. Our
  • The R Word

    We spend a lot of time talking about resiliency these days. If you're like me, you have to ask yourself the obvious question: Why is the Air Force obsessed with this subject, and why do they keep throwing new slogans, programs and ad campaigns at me? The simple fact is that the Air Force is worried about our Airmen. There are a lot of reasons to
  • How three letters erased my career

    I lost everything. Gone. Finito. Well, everything on my computer to be exact. But trust me, it was a lot.I had recently compiled all my work files onto my hard drive in preparation to burn them to discs before I depart my current base. This included four years of work continuity, personnel documents, templates, my entire portfolio of work at this
  • Luck vs. lucky

    It's nearing the end of July, which means we're about halfway through the 139 Critical Days of Summer. I'm very proud of our Incirlik Team -- so far you've been doing a great job on the safety front! Some might say I just jinxed us by saying that, but I believe success in the realm of safety is a result of good decision making that in turn makes us
  • Water Conservation: Do Your Part!

    We all know water is essential, and, unfortunately, a lot of people act like it's unlimited. The reality is that fresh water is a finite resource that is becoming scarce. While it's true water is constantly being recycled through the Earth's water cycle, people are using up our planet's fresh water faster than it can be naturally replenished. On
  • Strengthening the alliance through religious accommodation

    Airmen and military dependents all over the world and from many faith backgrounds regularly look to their base chapel as a place to meet their spiritual and religious needs. The Air Force Chaplain Corps offers religious accommodation to any individuals or religious groups that seek representation. As a result, chapel communities are excellent
  • Out of many, one

    Have you ever been struck anew by a reality that you're so aware of that it has lost its impact?The other week while waiting in line at the Fort Meade dining facility I found myself musing over the fact we are a diverse military. That's one of those, "well, duh" kind of thoughts, but it was meaningful to me. I stood there in line and smiled at the
  • Legal Assistance and You

    The life of an Airman at Incirlik is full of stressors. In addition to the normal rigors of an Air Force career, having to deal with legal issues back home--such as divorce, child custody, or financial problems--can make things seem extremely overwhelming.But that's where your legal office can help! Not only do judge advocates offer in-person legal
  • No 'time outs'

    A few weeks ago the military and civilian personnel who make up "Team Incirlik" posed for a wing photo on the flightline here. Days later during a major readiness inspection, that fantastic group of people proved to themselves, the Air Force and the world that the 39th Air Base Wing is a winning organization. If you're newly arrived or on your way