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  • From start to finish; lessons learned

    Today is Friday, March 13, 2015.  Today, makes 23 years and three months since I arrived at basic military training to start my military service.  Today is also the day of my retirement ceremony, the symbolic end to my military career. As I look back at my time in the Air Force, I'm extremely grateful for the opportunities I've had.  I've been
  • Pursuing dreams to fly, fight and win

    Have you ever been told you didn't have what it takes while pursuing a goal? Did you believe it?I did.My final year in college, the Reserve Officer Training Corps detachment commander met with each senior to discuss our Air Force future. When asked what I hoped to do, like most of my peers I responded, "I want to be a pilot."I'll never forget the
  • Our Air Force - diverse in thought, word and deed

     The Air Force has a rich heritage built on the pillars of diversity and innovation. After African American History Month came to a close and we look on to honor women's history this month, I'd like to reflect on the word "diversity."Diversity is often equated to minority, but it's more than that -- diversity is a reflection of what makes us
  • There is no substitute for hard work

    One of the questions I am often asked is, "How did you get promoted to chief master sergeant so quickly, with less than 20 years of service?"  Although there is no easy answer or one specific event that has led me to being in this humbling position, I normally answer by attributing making the rank of chief master sergeant to good old-fashioned
  • Leadership decisions: When to Fire Someone

    Being a squadron commander has been an eye-opening experience and I'm thankful for the opportunity.  I've gotten the chance to lead some of the Air Force's best Airmen at the edge of the frontier.  But what should you do as a leader when you're not leading the best Airmen and your organization's performance is suffering?  As a leader, how do you
  • I got a new bike, now it's gone

    Many members of Incirlik Air Base use bicycles as their primary means of transportation during their assignment here. They're easy to ride, store and you don't need to cough up a bunch of money to be able to use it. On top of the paper work, registration fees and the months of waiting for my car to actually arrive here, I chose to opt out and like
  • Ask Mehmet: Mehmet, do Turks celebrate Christmas?

    You might have already noticed that shops throughout Turkey decorate their windows with pine trees, snow balls, red stockings, statues and pictures of St. Nicholas. Turks, who are Moslem, may seem like they're observing Christmas like Christians. But, they aren't celebrating Christmas, they're marking the New Year.Many parties are held on the New
  • Airman mother, daughter: A true testament of resiliency, victory

    There are those who feel the word resiliency has become just another word or program in the Air Force. I, on the other hand, truly believe resiliency is a way of life. I know from  personal experience that if applied, resiliency will help you overcome adversity and be victorious on the other side.The four resiliency pillars of being mentally,
  • Travel enriches lives

    I have never met someone who regretted traveling. In fact, their only regret was that they failed to travel more during their time overseas because travel made them a different person than they were before they left.As I look back on my past experiences as a whole, one fact stands out above the rest: traveling has shaped the person I am
  • Ask Mehmet: Whirling Dervishes

      "Come, come, whoever; whatever you are. Come again infidel, idolator or fire-worshiper come again. Our monastery is not a place of despair, Even if you have violated your oaths a hundred times, come again."And millions, from every corner of the earth, have accepted that invitation throughout the centuries.Mevlana, the founder of the Whirling