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  • Flight Lead Program works through kinks

    Question: Incirlik recently implemented the "Flight Lead Program." This program is targeted to members who are 26 and below, regardless of rank. In recent articles about the program, it seems that the very next sentence after mentioning the Flight Lead Program, says that "The primary way of ARI prevention boils down to individual responsibility and
  • OPSEC bagged with groceries

    Question: At the Commissaryrecently I over heard a female military member in uniform on her cell phone. During her conversation I heard her freely talking about the itinerary of a distinguished visitor arriving on base . I learned that arrangements have been made for transportation of the DV on and off base. She even gave details about having two
  • Chants challenged at monthly wing run

    Question: My question is about the Wing Run. How come the 39th Security Forces Squadron counts the number of people who fall out during the run?That's not a good team building initiative, and if the whole point of doing the run is to complete it as a team, laughing at me for not being able to run as fast as you may not be the best way to accomplish
  • Drugs in Turkey

    Turkey is a natural bridge between east and west, between Europe and Asia. That bridge is fully used politically and commercially. European countries transport all their goods exported to Middle-Eastern countries through Turkey. In exchange that all the goods going to Europe from Middle-Eastern countries pass through Turkey as well. Very frequently
  • Stuffed Eggplant

    Question: Mehmet, a while ago we were invited to a Turkish friend's house for dinner. We had stuffed eggplant there. The landlady tried to explain how to cook that dish. I totally forgot about it until I saw dried eggplant and peppers sold in the market the other day. Can you tell us about how the Turks sun dry the peppers and eggplants we've seen