Incirlik customs and courtesies

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  • 39th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
Question: On this installation, I've noticed a continuous apathy towards military customs and courtesies, most notably saluting. On several occasions I've encountered individuals avoiding eye contact, purposely holding objects in their right hand when their left hand is available and/or blatantly disregarding the salute. I realize that as an officer I should (and do) correct these individuals on the spot to avoid any future infractions, however, this appears to be a growing trend and needs to be addressed on a larger scale.

Response: I addressed this one last Friday at the wing promotion's a no-brainer and we are pleased to address it for those who did not attend.

BLUF: Bottom line up front ... a salute is a way of greeting, just like waving hello. I make it my practice to always be the first to salute rather than waiting for someone else to salute. It is everyone's responsibility to follow our military customs and courtesies. I often giggle at the effort expended to avoid a salute ... it's just easier to salute than to duck the exchange. Let me help you out with this, be the first to salute and say hello ... and do it with a smile ... seek out those who appear to be avoiding the exchange, salute them and say hello ... and do it with a smile ... saluting is good!