Following parking BSDs

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  • 39th Air Base Wing
Question: I have noticed that many people are still parking their cars on Ataturk Boulevard in the alley, just about every day, to shop, load merchandise and so on, I called the Law Enforcement Desk this past weekend regarding such a vehicle and what they could do about it? They had no plan but did take down the information. Who watches this and is there a better way to enforce the BSD #K that states no vehicle shall park along the main street (Ataturk Boulevard) from the Jandarma Station to highway E-5 this includes momentary stops for loading and unloading of merchandise or personnel. As I understand the BSD's, this is a direct violation of a lawful order from the Base Commander and is subject to Article 15 action.

Answer: This one has been a running gun battle for us. Your comment that "they have no plan" reminds me of the presidental debates. We have a plan and it is: you call in with the licence plate, make and model, and then we contact the owner and their unit leadership. You are correct that parking along the main street of Ataturk Boulevard is a direct violation of the ATFP Directive. It was put in the ATFP Directive for safety and force protection as well as providing a response to a request from the local Jandamara commander. We need to get behind this as a community and report these violations to Security Forces just as you did. If you see this in the future please call the LED at 676-3200. You will need to inform the LED of the make and model of vehicle as well as the plate number. We also expect commanders to hold their personnel accountable who violate this policy. With all of us working together we can resolve this issue quickly.