No AFN connection on 2nd floor in housing

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  • By Anonymous
  • 39th Air Base Wing
Question: I'm sure this question has been raised in the past but I would like to know why in housing AFN connections are not installed on the second floor or as a minimum the master bed room? It seems to me as a Quality of life issue, this would be an easy fix.

Response: Basically the limitation comes down to cabling and signal infrastructure. When the houses were originally built the cabling and signal strength was designed to support 2 drops per house (living room and dining room). The infrastructure is old and the signal degrades as service is extended both on internal cable lengths and main broadcast trunks. So even those who do self help projects find the quality to be poor in many cases. Our new housing projects do incorporate more drops (Herkey - 3 CATV drops per unit and 5+ drops in Eagle/Phantom). The projects also ensure each drop has the proper signal level/quality (based on internal wiring/cable lengths). There are also plans to have the main infrastructure redesigned to ensure the main trunks/broadcast signals will support the higher number of drops in the new housing areas/units. Personally, I'd like to be able to say that we can fix the problem right now but unfortunately I can't. The fix is just not easy and one of many reasons why we are moving forward with remodeling a significant portion of our houses. We also have a dorm master plan that we need to resource. At the end of the day I can commit to you that this problem will be fixed but probably not while you are here.