Do the digits

  • Published
  • By Col. "Tip" Stinnette
  • 39th Air Base Wing Commander
DIGITCON, "Do the Digits" starts this month.

Last week during our installation commander's calls we spoke about increasing our awareness when it comes to alcohol abuse. This week we are deploying our DIGITCON program.

The goal of this program is simple, "Do the Digits," 0-1-3.

Broken down, that means zero alcohol-related incidents, no more than one drink per hour, and no more than three drinks per night: A campaign we can all get behind.

The DIGITCON program reenergizes the 0-1-3 initiative by creating an approach that is patterned after the Force Protection Condition model with graduated awareness measures.

This is the first written installment in an information awareness campaign about the DIGITCON program.

Look for more articles in upcoming editions of the Tip of the Sword.

Our DIGITCON state as of publication is "Bravo" and changes to the condition will be publicized immediately via the Commander's Access Channel, Tip of the Sword, AFN, and the Source. Alcohol related incident boards will be posted at the consolidated club, Official Document Center, Hodja Inn, Sultan's Inn and shoppette.

The offending individual and their commander will have the job of updating the ARI boards immediately following an ARI. Remember, it's up to each one of us and our wingman to Do the Digits - zero ARIs is our goal. We can get there from here.

DIGITCON Alpha -- Steady-state, day-to- day operations meant to be maintained across the wing indefinitely. This condition should apply the majority of the time provided we are able to control the number of alcohol related incidents at a rate that approaches our goal of zero.

DIGITCON Bravo -- This is an elevated condition that will be exercised at the first sign of a developing alcohol problem. It can also be employed in advance of traditional problem periods to heighten awareness. The following are examples of periods that may require increased awareness: Significant holidays, three-day weekends, post deployment or safety campaigns.

DIGITCON Charlie -- This is a condition that responds to a marked increase in the number of alcohol-related incidents across the installation. It can also be deployed in response to a significant incident involving the injury of one of our members as a result of alcohol abuse. This condition typically indicates the onset of a serious alcohol abuse trend that needs to be addressed by the collective community.

DIGITCON Delta -- This condition equates to a base-wide stand-down or pause in operations in order to appropriately work through a problem that has reached critical proportions.

Each condition employs a graduation of awareness initiatives ranging from deployment of Eyes-On details to curtailment of access to alcohol on base after curfew. The associated measures in each condition are designed to educate and mitigate the few rather than to punish the many. Ultimately, the DIGITCON initiative is all about promoting both individual and corporate responsibility ... Do the Digits!