CC lauds "lik" winners

  • Published
  • By Col. "Tip" Stinnette
  • 39th Air Bse Wing Commander
Think like a winner, prepare like a winner, and perform like a winner. Set high but attainable goals, work toward those goals with determination and persistence, and never stop until you reach them.

Be strong enough to say "No!" to those things that would make you less than your best, and say "Yes!" to the challenges and opportunities that will make you grow and improve your life. Make total commitment your constant companion, and personal integrity your life-time mentor.

Be a winner! February is a great month and one in which we recognize our winners.

At the Lik, I like to think we are all winners because we all subscribe to the winners' creed spelled out above.

That said, from among us there are a few that we choose to recognize on behalf of the entire team for their winning contributions to the whole team. I look forward to tonight's banquet and celebration with our annual award winners.

In the end, winning is assessed simply by how you feel about life, and how you feel about life is determined by what your life is about. At the Lik, our lives are all about service, and for that I count you all winners!

We are also proud to highlight our recent Airman Leadership School graduates. Their contributions and ideas for enriching our wingman program clearly set a tone and pace that promises to impact Airmen beyond the confines of Incirlik. What an amazing class legacy ... what a great accomplishment ... what a band of winners:

Senior Airmen Robert Beaty, 425th Air Base Group, Ryan Bobzin, 39th Civil Engineer Squadron, Matthew Carrizosa, 425th Air Base Group Det. 1, Lajada Copeland, 39th Logistics Readiness Squadron, Jarrod Getz, 39th Security Forces Squadron, Anthony Haney, 39th Maintenance Squadron, Ryan Harter, 39th SFS, James Kahler, 728th Air Mobility Squadron, Jesse Killen, 728th AMS, Jason McCoy, 728th AMS, Robert McMenamin, 39th SFS, Joseph Misher, Academic Achievement Award recipient, 39th SFS, Sammy Myracle, 728th AMS, John Short, 39th Operations Squadron, Joshua
Tisdel, 39th MXS, Casey Vargo, Levitow Award winner, 728th AMS.

We are also pleased to recognize the achievements of our February promotees ... yet another band of winners:

To Airman: Isabel Aleman, 39th LRS, Jennifer Barrett, 39th LRS, Wilfredo Padin, 39th LRS, Deandre Burks, 39th LRS, Brittany Wagoner, 39th LRS, Richard Cowling, 39th LRS.

To Airman First Class: Daniel Camarena, 39th Communications Squadron, Clarence Langi, 39th MXS, Michael Foster, 39th SFS, Elizabeth Mueller, 39th SFS, Roberto Lopez, 39th SFS, Stuart Bishop, 39th SFS, Summer Casison, 39th SFS, Reuben Sanchez, 39th SFS, Norris Brown, 39th SFS, Carissa Coupland, 39th SFS, Christopher Cobbs, 39th SFS, James Shaffer, 39th SFS, Ernesto Moreno, 39th SFS, Justin Sigler, 39th SFS, Nichelle Ingram, 39th SFS.

To Senior Airman: Patrice Clarke, 39th Air Base Wing, Sean Collins, 39th CS, Michael Fiol, 39th CS, Aaron Heininge, 39th CS, Joshua Schmidt, 39th LRS, Iscanyi Dill, 39th LRS, Latoya Barnaby, 39th Medical Group, Carisha Boone, 39th MDG, Chaunci Hopkins-Bennett, 39th SFS, Steven Rogers, 728th AMS. To Staff Sergeant: Jeanna Marta, 39th CS, Denver McCoy, 39th CS, Sarah Spencer, 39th Comptroller Squadron, Daniel Dowling, 39th LRS, Eric Sanders, 39th LRS, Justin Olone, 39th MXS, Jessica Attaway, 39th MXS, Lamarcus Molden, 39th Mission Support Squadron, Javier Gonzalez, 39th
OS, Dwayne Davis, 39th SFS, Colleen Green, 728th AMS, Nikia Harris, 728th AMS.

To Technical Sergeant: Jason Suffoletta, 39th CS, Suzanne Winter-Holler, 39th MDG, Nechelle Coates, 39th MSS, Stacie Conrey, 39th SFS, James Donaldson, 728th AMS.

To Master Sergeant: Douglas Jarman, 39th CS, Mariann Rosenquest, 39th LRS, Mark McCann, 39th OS.

To Senior Master Sergeant: Virgil Burden, 39th SFS.

To First Lieutenant: Rebekah Greenwood, 39th CS.

To Major: James O'Quinn, 39th Contracting Squadron.