Consider your actions

  • Published
  • By Col. Ken Stefanek
  • 39th Air Base Wing vice commander

Like many of you who are sports fans, I started off my Sunday this past week watching ten players from the NBA's Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks get in a brawl during a basketball game. I know that many people look up to and try to emulate today's sports stars in the same way that I looked up to Joe Montana, Nolan Ryan and Dr J.; so what I saw saddened me a little.

As I listened to ESPN's commentators explain how and why this happened, one of them basically said that the players got caught up in the heat of the moment and stopped thinking about the consequences of their actions. As I reflected on that statement, a couple of thoughts hit me. First, here on USAFE's frontier we must always consider the consequences of our actions as they could easily have an impact far beyond the base.

Simply stated, the consequences of acting without thinking while at Incirlik, which range from being unable to accomplish the mission to putting our people and assets at risk, are significantly greater than even the 15-game suspension given to Carmelo Anthony, one of the players involved in the fight. Next, there are many scenarios where people act without thinking. The "basketbrawl" incident illustrates one; another that we need to guard against results from excessive alcohol consumption which blocks our ability to think rationally. Whatever the scenario; acting without thinking is a path to disaster.

Finally, I'm glad that we've got a team of true professionals here rather than the so-called "professional" athletes who were involved in that incident.

It is with complete sincerity that I say thank you to my Incirlik keeping an eye on the consequences, you stay ready to ensure Freedom's future.