Two key attributes of success

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Terry Jones Jr.
  • 39th Maintenance Squadron first sergeant
In order for any Airman to succeed in the U.S. Air Force, they need to exemplify certain characteristics. An Airman may never realize his or her potential to succeed without two crucial attributes: self-discipline and self-motivation. 

Discipline is instilled in us as children, starting with our parents. This is where we start to gain self-discipline, self-confidence, knowing who we are and knowing right from wrong. Self-discipline gives us all a direction in life with our thoughts and actions specifically curbing our behavior and controlling our emotions when needed. 

Most of us know our own strengths and weaknesses and when self-disciplined, decisions are usually made correctly. Self-discipline is not an easy task to conquer especially when temptations and perceptions are prevalent. 

Take it one step at a time and learn from past mistakes. Mistakes will happen, learn from them and do not repeat or forget them.

To help strengthen our discipline, we need to know ourselves and know what motivates us on a daily basis. We need to continue practicing good habits and customs and courtesies to ensure self-discipline continues to grow stronger. 

For example, an Airman is at a doctor's appointment and the doctor walks in... the Airman stands to greet the doctor opposed to saying hello while remaining seated in the chair.

Self-motivation is an extremely important piece to success. It helps us achieve those hard to reach goals and small things like getting out of bed and making it to work on time, even when you didn't get enough sleep the night before. In my opinion, self-motivation is the little voice in our heads that tells us we can do something even when someone else says we can't.

Self-motivation and self-discipline get us moving in the right direction to accomplish the mission. Self-discipline and self-motivation, in my opinion, are what helps shape and mold our success as the number one Air Force in the world. 

Army Command Sergeant Maj. Eric McCray once said "always be in the right place, right time, and with the right attitude", I could not agree more!