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  • Incirlik's 'Monster Garage' fabricates success

    According to the Merriam and Webster dictionary, to fabricate something is to construct it with diverse and usually standardized parts. Incirlik's fabrications shop lives true to their profession by burning, banging and sometimes breaking metals in order to create something from nothing. "I run one of the most unusual organizations in the Air
  • Destination Turkey: Cappadocia Part II

    The region of Cappadocia, as I learned, is a place you can't fully enjoy in a day, a three-day weekend or a week. Therefore, a part two to the first story on Cappadocia is in order. Given a three-day weekend I didn't want it to go to waste, and with careful pre-planning with friends a month prior, we decided to visit Cappadocia and stay in a Cave
  • Ask Mehmet: Sugar Festival

    Sept. 19 marks the beginning of the three-and-a-half day Sugar Festival, or Bayram, celebrated by Moslems in Turkey. The Sugar Festival is celebrated by the Moslems and begins at noon on the last day of Ramazan, the month-long fasting period for Moslems. Observations of the festival continue through Sept. 22. It's a national religious holiday.
  • OS shop decodes weather, keeps base safe

    To most people, a rain shower is nothing more than that. It evokes no further thought other than maybe a disgruntled sigh. But to one shop at Incirlik, a rain shower means serious business. They know the sometimes unknown. When rain falls here, they work hard at decoding mountains of weather data. They are Airmen of the 39th Operations Squadron
  • Destination Turkey: Istanbul

    My husband and I, as well as another couple, decided to do a couple's trip to Istanbul during Memorial Day weekend. This was the first time any of us had visited the city except for short layovers at the airport on the way to other destinations. Istanbul is a city rich in culture and diverse in history. While walking the streets, you will see
  • Water conservation: Another pillar of energy efficiency

    It all began with a few base members waiting for their morning cup of joe. These individuals knew something wasn't right when it took about two hours for a coffee maker to brew coffee. After further investigation, they realized the problem was the water used to make the coffee. It was such hard water, it caused a severe build-up of mineral deposits
  • Incirlik fights war on energy consumption

    Every six months, a group of war strategists gather to discuss their battle tactics. Their mission is a tough one; the war they are fighting is very unconventional. Many Incirlik members don't even realize this war is happening right here -- in workplaces, throughout the streets and even in homes. This is a war on energy consumption, and the base
  • Incirlik Airman lives to fight, fights to live

    Whether he's working on computer hard drives, or punching somebody in the face, Staff Sgt. Michael Limiac is meticulous in his work. The 39th Medical Support Squadron medical information systems technician spends much of his day tediously working on computer hardware and software. The gloves have to come off in a job requiring dexterity, attention
  • Destination Turkey: Cappadocia

    With my time beginning to close at Incirlik, I was given an opportunity to reflect back on my tour. This place is definitely a culture-filled country that I never expected to experience. Being the adventurous type, I couldn't imagine becoming a dorm-dweller at my first base. So one of the first places I ventured to within the first few weeks I was
  • Incirlik DRMO to donate $78,000 in furniture to Republic of Georgia

    Incirlik's Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office will donate about $78,000 worth of furniture to the Republic of Georgia. The gesture is a combined effort with support agencies including DRMO, the U.S. State Department and the non-governmental aid group, A Call to Serve. ACTS is the organization in Georgia helping put the furniture in-place.