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  • Classifieds for 2007

    For Sale: Patio set in great condition, marble table with 4 black reclining chairs $150. Turkish bean bag in good condition $50. Any questions please call 676-5270. (posted October 10)Yard Sale: 8:00a.m. to 12:00p.m., Saturday, 29 Sept. 07 at 3013B Eskishehir crt., Phantom Housing. (posted September 28)Looking for:  New home for my nanny. Selma has
  • Incirlik News Briefs from June 25 to June 29

    Tree Cutting: Starting now through the end of July, Civil Engineering will be cutting down trees in the Phantom housing area. Some traffic and parking restrictions may be necessary to allow construction to proceed as efficiently as possible. Always be aware of your surroundings. Proceed with extreme caution and keep an eye out for the unexpected.
  • Stray cat problem disturbing housing occupants

    Question: I live in Falcon Housing. My housing unit has been overrun with cats, some which are stray and some which belong to my neighbor. I do not own cats and do not want them in my yard. These cats have killed four birds in my yard in the last month alone. I have spoken directly with my neighbor about this issue, have trapped the cats in traps
  • Piano, lessons questioned at SVS

    Question: I wish to address an issue that has been troubling my wife since we have arrived at Incirlik. She is a highly trained pianist capable of teaching an advanced course of study, and has a background that extends even to the manufacture, maintenance and tuning of pianos. When she first heard that there were piano lessons being offered at the
  • Money marking questioned at CPTS

    Question: I went to the Official Document Center and purchased two money orders and had to fill out a form with my information and each serial number for twenty $100 bills.This is ridiculous. If you are using the marker system and this system shows that an individual is using legal tender, then why do we have to document the serial numbers?If I
  • Valentine’s Day Messages

    TO: Carol FROM: Fred The heart is what it's all about and two hearts have never been more RIGHT!!! LU2 TO: Boogie FROM: Burrow I Love you babe! TO: Bear FROM: Sweetie You love me without fear, trust me without wondering and want me without demand. You show me everyday that you accept who I am and for that I am forever grateful. TO: Shannon L.
  • Incirlik High School Basketball

    Question: It appears that there is favoritism in the Incirlik American high school in regards to the basketball team, while recognizing not every player is talented enough to be on the floor at all times several of the team have earned the right to be on the floor but have not been given the opportunity to be on the floor until the game has
  • It ceases to amaze

    To watch our peers become dumber than a box of rocks was kind of fun. On our educational observation, Airmen Leadership School class 07-03 had an eye opening experience. During our observation we witnessed what alcohol can do to common sense. We started the night off by watching our peers being carried through the gate. Amazingly, people seemed to
  • Wing Run Question

    Question: Is there anyway we can change the current guidelines on the wing run? It seems that we continue to say it's a "team effort", but it doesn't feel that way. If I can pass my PT test with a good or excellent, I'm excited, and I don't think it should be frowned upon when I don't finish the Wing and/or Group run with my squadron. I always do
  • Incirlik News Briefs from May 21 to May 25

    Dualathlon: Run 5K and Cycle 20K challange. 26 May at 8 a.m. at Arkadas Park.  Interested Participants can pre-sign-up at the Fitness Center. If you are intested contact SrA Bowen or A1C Ivey at 676-6086.Retirement Ceremony: MSgt Leon Smith will be retiring from the United States Air Force on Wednesday the twenty third of May two thousand and seven