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  • Izmir: Unique mission for unique location

    In the center of a metropolis lays an Air Force gem; a unit of Airmen assigned to the 425th Air Base Squadron, a geographically separated unit spattered throughout the city in various facilities taking advantage of its urban location in Izmir, Turkey. Within walking distance from the Agean Sea coast, the unit deals with extremely unique mission
  • Suicide awareness resources available for Airmen, wingmen

    In the Air Force, those who commit suicide are usually male, but don't have to be; junior enlisted, but not in all cases; separated or divorced, but not always; and active-duty or reserve, but sometimes civilian. With such vague information, how can someone possibly determine a suicidal individual? According to the 39th Air Base Wing mental health
  • An Air Force veteran's story: From combat controller to Paralympian

    In the blink of an eye your life can change forever.That's exactly what happened to Sean Halsted when he fell 40 feet to the ground while fast roping from a helicopter during a training mission at Hurlburt Field, Fla. He went from an active-duty combat controller to a U.S. Paralympian in the 2010 Vancouver Games. "I don't remember what happened,"
  • Destinations: Cairo

    Nicknamed "The City of a Thousand Minarets," Cairo, Egypt, is a cultural jewel of the Nile River. Its history and culture can be found everywhere throughout its narrow streets and passageways, and radiates from the city's 6.8 million populous. Located in an area known as Lower Egypt, Cairo is about 100 miles south of the Mediterranean Sea. It sits
  • Incirlik stays healthy with "behind the scenes" Airmen

    Any given day, one could walk into Incirlik's clinic and immediately notice the amount of work that is being done and the quality of service given to their patients.However, hidden on the lower floor of the clinic there's a small group of Airmen providing quality work every day.These Airmen belong to the 39th Medical Group's Public Health shop. "We
  • 10 Airmen support community of 1,500

    As the Air Force has gotten smaller, many Airmen have felt the strain of doing more with less. And perhaps no other Airmen understand the true meaning of that concept more than the Airmen of the 717th Air Base Squadron here.With a history that goes back decades, the Ankara Support Facility is currently located on 14 acres nestled amongst the hills
  • Honor Guard practices for perfection

    "To honor with dignity," shouted the line of Airmen standing sharp in the broken light of the open hangar door. This is how they end their uniform inspections and begin their session. With ceremonial rifles and flags in hand, they follow the commands belted out by the group leader and march in sync with each other. In an instant, their stern faces
  • Don't forget your wingman

    Before a weekend, a trip or just a day off, supervisors, first sergeants and commanders often give their Airmen the advice of, "Be safe, have a wingman and be a good wingman." Some Airmen hear this and think, "Yeah, yeah, have a wingman," but there is a reason why our leadership says this. It's common sense, having two sets of eyes is better than
  • Destination Turkey: Antalya

    Its flavor is a unique one: It has the tempo of a big city, but at the same time, it has the feel of a quaint European town.Antalya is a smart, sophisticated and booming metropolis that hugs the Mediterranean Sea, and its charm draws thousands of tourists to its streets every year.Antalya is the capital of the Antalya Providence, and it's located
  • Destination Turkey: Hieropolis Castabala and Karatepe

    There are so many amazing things about Turkey you find just by walking out the front gate and exploring the alley. However, if you explore a little further beyond the alley, the vast and rich culture of Turkey comes to life in front of you. Recently, members of my office and I took a day trip to Hieropolis Castabala and then ventured to Karatepe.