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  • Honor Guard practices for perfection

    "To honor with dignity," shouted the line of Airmen standing sharp in the broken light of the open hangar door. This is how they end their uniform inspections and begin their session. With ceremonial rifles and flags in hand, they follow the commands belted out by the group leader and march in sync with each other. In an instant, their stern faces
  • Don't forget your wingman

    Before a weekend, a trip or just a day off, supervisors, first sergeants and commanders often give their Airmen the advice of, "Be safe, have a wingman and be a good wingman." Some Airmen hear this and think, "Yeah, yeah, have a wingman," but there is a reason why our leadership says this. It's common sense, having two sets of eyes is better than
  • Destination Turkey: Antalya

    Its flavor is a unique one: It has the tempo of a big city, but at the same time, it has the feel of a quaint European town.Antalya is a smart, sophisticated and booming metropolis that hugs the Mediterranean Sea, and its charm draws thousands of tourists to its streets every year.Antalya is the capital of the Antalya Providence, and it's located
  • Destination Turkey: Hieropolis Castabala and Karatepe

    There are so many amazing things about Turkey you find just by walking out the front gate and exploring the alley. However, if you explore a little further beyond the alley, the vast and rich culture of Turkey comes to life in front of you. Recently, members of my office and I took a day trip to Hieropolis Castabala and then ventured to Karatepe.
  • Incirlik TMO always on the go

    Hustle and bustle is expected from an office like this -- papers flying from one hand to another; its service representatives calling, "How can I help you?" over the voices of a packed waiting area; constant keyboard tapping and phones ringing off the hook. For this traffic management office, which supports Incirlik Air Base and three tenant units
  • Incirlik ADC provides Airmen with zealous representation, advice

    Every Airman takes an oath to uphold the Air Force's core values: Integrity first, service before self and excellence in all we do.Sometimes Airmen might find themselves in a sticky situation where they are accused of falling short in the excellence category.Incirlik's Area Defense Council is charged with the responsibility to defend the careers of
  • EARS extends "gas can" tradition

    On Nov. 12, 1921, a "wing walker" named Wesley May transferred himself to a Curtiss JN-4 airplane from a Lincoln Standard in mid-flight with a can of fuel strapped to his back. He poured the fuel into the gas tank of the JN-4 and performed the first actual mid-air transfer of fuel in what was meant to be nothing more than a stunt. Little did he
  • Artsy, crafty have place to play

    High morale, it's a hot commodity! That's why places like the Arts and Crafts Center are such a big hit here. The Arts and Crafts Center strives to keep Airmen's morale at maximum levels by offering a variety of activities, classes and different crafty items for sale. From the engraving and framing shop, to the monthly art classes, fully equipped
  • Incirlik Chapel connects “People to God, friends to friends”

    After a mortar round shot over the perimeter wall and struck close to their facility, the people inside began to panic. To some, this is the closest they had come to death. Luckily for them, a chaplain was amongst them. Immediately, his work began, calming everyone down, praying and listening to people's concerns. After hours of sheltering in
  • Incirlik's 'Monster Garage' fabricates success

    According to the Merriam and Webster dictionary, to fabricate something is to construct it with diverse and usually standardized parts. Incirlik's fabrications shop lives true to their profession by burning, banging and sometimes breaking metals in order to create something from nothing. "I run one of the most unusual organizations in the Air