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  • Club Beyond teens travel Italian style

    When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, That's Amoré. When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine, That's Amoré. Decades ago, Dean Martin sang about falling in love Italian style. This week, several teens from Incirlik Air Base are singing about falling in love in Italy ... with pizza. "I had the best pizza I've ever had
  • 90th EARS takes Airmen from five squadrons to form one team

    Most Airmen at the "Lik" are here on 15-month or two-year tours, however, one vital cog on Team Incirlik calls Turkey home for a relatively short amount of time. Members of the 90th Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron support the Iraqi and Enduring Freedom air bridge by refueling C-17 Globemaster IIIs and C-5 Galaxys going into Afghanistan and
  • Army engineers vital to “Lik” mission

    The members of the 39th Civil Engineer Squadron aren't the only engineers who work here. As much as the 39th CES does, the "Lik" also relies on its Army engineer counterparts for a great deal of resources. While most of the members of The U.S. Engineer Group (TUSEG), part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Europe District, call Ankara, Turkey
  • Incirlik puts ONW building back in ‘Lik’ business

    As the "Lik" continues its daily mission of Ensuring Freedom's Future, Airmen from the 39th Operations Squadron, 39th Air Base Wing command post, 39th Civil Engineer Squadron and 39th Communications Squadron are helping to make that mission easier by refurbishing Squadron Operations Center No. 2 to be used for weapons training deployments. "The
  • Internet networking: Many benefits, many dangers

    If you haven't heard about MySpace then you have probably been living in a cave for the last year. MySpace.com, a cyberspace community where friends, families and even strangers meet up online to network with one another, has more than 100 million users. MySpace can be a very useful communication tool; however, when not used safely, it can cause
  • Incirlik DRMO essential to base mission

    Imagine a place where you can save Uncle Sam money on your office supplies while doing a good thing for the environment by reutilizing dated supplies. You could feel twice as good about obtaining supplies from the Defense Reutilization Management Office, commonly known on bases as DRMO, because you get what you need at no cost to the government and
  • Wing staff agencies key ingredient to teamwork

    Pound cake was named such because it takes a pound of eggs, a pound of flour, a pound of sugar and a pound of butter to make. Mix all the ingredients together, bake and voila - let them eat cake. Team Incirlik is a lot like pound cake as it takes every unit to contribute for the team to perform well. Among Team Incirlik's units are a group of small
  • Outloading: Munitions flight keeps it moving

    The 39th Maintenance Squadron munitions flight is responsible for managing and sustaining the base's munitions stockpile. Over the past four weeks, if you've traveled on the North side of Incirlik you probably noticed a great deal of activity within the munitions storage area and wondered what the heck was going on. The activity is in direct
  • PT: A way of life at the 'Lik'

    Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for many people here those three days remind Team Incirlik of one thing ... physical training. Whether you are working out at the gym or running at Arkadas Park, getting physically fit is a way of life at Incirlik and for good reason. No longer is the purpose of working out to pass a test, but to be in shape. Gen. John
  • See you at the Crossroads: Café to reopen

    Forty-five dedicated volunteers gave up their morning Aug. 5 to get Crossroads Café ready for its reopening Saturday at 6 p.m. Tables where set up, new supplies, equipment and appliances installed, games stocked in cabinets, and flat screen TVs measured for walls, as the brightly decorated facility hummed with excitement. Chapel staff members, as