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  • Breast cancer awareness month

    For the past two decades Americans have come together to increase awareness of breast cancer in hopes of educating women and men alike, ultimately saving lives. This October marks the 22nd annual National Breast Cancer Awareness month and the Incirlik community is dedicated in their efforts to provide information to members on prevention, early
  • Octoberfest lends taste of Germany

    Fun was had by all at Incirlik's Octoberfest celebration! More than 800 people were in attendence at the Oct. 14 Octoberfest celebration.
  • Getting your degree in alcohology

    Most people know the definition of alcohol and most know the definition of awareness but many may not know the meaning of alcohol awareness. Central Texas College is currently offering an alcohol awareness class where students learn about alcohol abuse and intervention. The 16-hour class, which is worth one semester hour, teaches students
  • Red Ribbon Week arrives at Incirlik

    It's that time of year again; the air is turning colder and leaves are nestled on the ground. The kids are in school and winter coats are about to be taken out of the attic. In a short couple of weeks, the neighborhood children will scurry around the block with little bags jammed with goodies tightly clenched in their hands. That's right...it's Red
  • ARI’s; tracked, recorded by USAFE CC

    ARI is an acronym used quite frequently at Incirlik and is about to become more frequently used around USAFE. ARIs are Alcohol Related Incidents resulting from individuals cited, charged with or arrested for any incident where alcohol use was a contributing factor under the rules of the USAF. ARIs include all incidents which require an AF Form
  • Watch what you heat

    As a young child many people probably had dreams of putting on that fire suit, sliding down that brass pole, driving away in that shiny, red truck and pulling people out of burning buildings. Sure there is something extremely noble about saving lives for a living, but if you were to ask a firefighter, they would probably say educating people about
  • Fire safety in housing

    It's getting close to dinner and the food is almost finished. All that's left is the shrimp sautéing in the lemon and butter sauce on the stove. Only a few more minutes left ... the phone rings, it's in the other room. No worries, just go get it and come right back. It's family on the phone. Go back to the kitchen, checking on the kids in the
  • Greetings brings ‘Lik’ home for the holidays

    Moms, Dads, brothers, sisters, extended families and close friends were told they were loved and missed here Monday and Tuesday when 221 Airmen and civilian contractor's families sent their holiday greetings home. An Army and Air Force Hometown News Service holiday greetings team stopped here as part of a worldwide tour to film messages from
  • When in October, do as the German’s do

    The 39th Services Squadron, along with 12 private organizations, will host Incirlik's annual Octoberfest Saturday in recognition of the age-old German tradition celebrated worldwide. What better way to kick off the weekend and the month of October than with a day of family, fun and great tasting beverages? If you aren't at Leisure Time Park between
  • Sultan’s Inn reopens doors to ‘Lik’ community

    The aroma of sizzling bacon and frying eggs wafted throughout the base Wednesday night with the reopening of the Sultan's Inn Dining Facility. The Sultan's Inn, which was closed for two months due to exhaust hood renovations, opened its doors to 268 customers, with a new look and new customer orientated features. "I liked getting BAS for two