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  • Help prevent theft, secure your bike

    Most thieves are amateurs looking for an easy target. They're looking for areas which present the least risk of detection, the greatest opportunity for easy gain and the maximum potential for escape. Unfortunately, a thief doesn't need to look around very long to discover "Welcome Thief" signs unwittingly left around the base.It is even more
  • Robbery provokes identity theft measures

    Documents containing personal information were stolen from the home of a Department of Veterans Affairs employee in May, representing the largest unauthorized release of social security numbers in United States history.The electronic data files contained the names, birth dates and social security numbers of about 26.5 million service members and
  • Khobar Towers changed Air Force focus on force protection

    It was around 10 p.m. on June 25, 1996, when Staff Sgt. Alfredo Guerrero went to check the security post on the rooftop of an eight-story Khobar Towers apartment building at Dhahran Air Base, Saudi Arabia. He asked the sentry on watch if everything was OK. Below them, residents in the rooms were settling in for the night. Most were with the 4404th
  • AF SDC approaches USAFE network users

    U.S. Air Forces in Europe is charging forward with the Air Force initiative to standardize all Windows-based computers by Dec. 31. This change will provide every USAFE network user with a standard PC configuration and enhance network security.Desktop standardization is not new to USAFE users — USAFE implemented the Standard Integrated Desktop more
  • Korean War holds unique place in History

    The Korean War began Sunday morning in 1950 when at 4 a.m. the Communist-backed forces of the North attacked the southern half of the peninsula. This was the start of the first direct military confrontation of the Cold War and it proved to be costly.Four million Koreans were killed, twothirds of them civilians caught in the crossfire. The numbers
  • New maintenance group commander takes the reins

    The new maintenance group commander, Col. John Taylor, assumed command and received his first salute Wednesday in Hangar 4.Colonel "Tip" Stinnette, 39th Air Base Wing commander, presided over the ceremony which was attended by more than 250 people to include members of the maintenance squadron, commanders, first sergeants, chiefs, family members
  • NSPS set to spiral through Incirlik

    In January 2007, U.S. civilian employees at Incirlik Air Base will undergo a change in salary under the new National Security Personnel System spiraling throughout Air Force bases in the United States and overseas.NSPS is a new personnel system for all Department of Defense employees that will replace the current General Schedule employment system