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  • The Truth is Better than Fiction

    Man I thought I had a real good story to share with you about Lee Marvin and Captain Kangaroo. For our younger teammates Lee Marvin was an actor most famous for his tough guy rolls and if you ever want to see a good war movie, checkout Lee Marvin in "The Dirty Dozen." Captain Kangaroo was the predecessor to Barney the Dinosaur in televised
  • Swimming, Breathing and What We Take for Granted

    Last weekend while playing with my kids at the pool, they asked if I could swim from one side to the other entirely under water. Like any dad, I really wanted to be a hero in my kids' eyes, so I took a big breath and started off across the pool. At about the halfway point I started feeling uncomfortable and by three-quarters of the way I would have
  • Seatbelts, Shmeatbelts

    In his senior year at the University of Nebraska, 21-year-old Derek wrote an impassioned declaration of independence on seatbelts for his college newspaper. Although "intrusive and ridiculous" seatbelt laws save 6,100 lives a year, according to statistics from the U.S. Congress, Derek concluded with the statement, "If I want to be the jerk that
  • Ankara stork nesting

    Question:  Mehmet, I read your article about visiting Ankara a few weeks ago. I had already heard many good things about Ankara. I understand that Ankara is a good place to visit, but my question is totally different. My wife is pregnant and she is due in a few months. Some friends recommend Ankara for stork nesting. We are thinking about it. Do
  • Stinging Gelatinous Creatures

    The good biologist was hot on the heels of the source of a mysterious illness called Irukandji Syndrome. Sufferers endure excruciating back pain, sweating, and nausea. He suspected that the source of the illness was a tiny marine creature, so he set about finding it by sitting on the seabed for hours, wearing a weighted diving suit. Note the
  • Flexibility, Stupidity and Airpower

    "Flexibility is the key to airpower..." If you've spent any time in the Air Force you've undoubtedly heard that line before. As Airmen, we pride ourselves on being flexible, adapting to changes in the situation, and making due with what we have to get the mission done. Examples like flying B-25s from the deck of the aircraft carrier Hornet as was
  • Captain Magneto

    A magneto uses magnets to produce a powerful high-voltage electric current to fire the starters of aircraft. One night a group of officers had a private competition to see who could hold onto the four leads of a magneto the longest. One by one they all dropped out, except for "Captain Magneto." The group then pooled their money and came up with a
  • Driving in Turkey

    Question: Mehmet, I am new here and I've noticed that driving off base is quite challenging. What do you recommend for driving in Turkey? Response: You might remember that I say "Driving in Turkey is not dangerous but adventurous" in my briefings. Below is an article from www.mymerhaba.com about driving safely in Turkey. The fundamental rules of
  • Youth and Sports Day

    Turkey celebrates Ataturk's Memorial, Youth and Sports Day on Friday, May 19. This special day is the 88th anniversary of when the country's War of Independence was ignited. Mustafa Kemal founded the Republic of Turkey on the ashes of a collapsed empire and started civil reforms to westernize and modernize the newly founded republic. One of the
  • Post UCI: moving forward

    Team Incirlik, what a performance! I sat in the Unit Compliance Inspection outbrief last week smiling, cheering and thinking of how proud I was of everyone's performance as the IG team leader announced the numerous "Excellent" and "Outstanding" ratings. All of the extended hours and weekend work paid off; our wing prepared as a team, performed as a