Solid Personal Responsibility

  • Published
  • By Col. Philip McDaniel
  • 39th Air Base Wing commander
As I have traveled around the wing in my first couple weeks, I have been impressed by the professional demeanor of all the men and women of Team Incirlik. The Airmen, U.S. and local national civilians are a strong team that gets the mission done each day, not just done, but done with excellence.

While our mission is broad in scope, it is no secret that we are manned at minimum levels. Simply stated, we do not have a single extra person in our wing that we could do without and still achieve the level of performance we are achieving each day. With this fact in mind, each one of us are critical to the team. We cannot afford to be without any one of you!

Unfortunately, I have also seen an alarming trend over the same first couple weeks. Team Incirlik has had three separate alcohol related incidents to include a DUI. This should not be alarming to just myself, but to each and every person in the wing. These incidents do not just impact those directly involved in the particular case, they impact the coworkers who may have to pick up the slack created by a missing fellow Airman.

During these incidents there were two failures; individual responsibility and wingman support both broke down. These individuals failed to utilize solid personal responsibility to do the right thing and control their alcohol consumption or to have a plan once they began to drink. They made poor choices and as a result some terrible things have happened to include the loss of a life.

Once personal responsibility failed, we needed their wingmen to step in and prevent these poor choices from continuing, however, this did not happen. We are all wingmen to our fellow Airmen and as such must help each other along the right road. This is what a good wingman does, whether flying formation in the air or relaxing off duty, a good wingman will provide solid mutual support to ensure mission success.

I ask each of you to redouble your efforts to participate in and promote responsible drinking. Each of us is capable of making responsible choices, and failing that, our wingmen need to ensure smart decisions are made. We cannot afford to do without any member of Team Incirlik!