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Default Air Force Logo Leadership under pressure
As this September marks the 14th Anniversary of 9/11, one of the most tragic events in U.S. history, I find myself reflecting back on those12 hours in the Pentagon at the National Military Command Center.  It was a monumental day in my mind for many reasons.  At the time our team, Team 2, was being led by Army Brig.Gen. W. Montague Winfield.  The
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Default Air Force Logo Crossing over into becoming a supervisor
Coming up through the ranks I heard a lot of negative things about Airman Leadership School. Long hours, hard tests, no free time and never ending study groups.  My experience in ALS turned out to be a very positive one.I never expected to be going through the course here, but it turned out to be an extremely rewarding experience, both
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Default Air Force Logo Jr. Enlisted Airman's panel; talking communication with master sergeant selects
As a senior airman it's rare to have an opportunity to help guide future senior leaders on the needs of young Airmen. Recently, I had the privilege of doing just that during a senior non-commissioned officer professional enhancement course held here at Incirlik Air Base.It was a little unsettling to walk into a room with nearly 30 master sergeant
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Default Air Force Logo Don't get caught in the grind
We all live very busy lives.  Our jobs, children, personal and social relationships consume pretty much all of our time.  Our electronic devices keep us locked in to what everyone else is doing and before you know it, our days are completely filled with activities from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed.  Unfortunately, unless the
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Master Sgt. Tanya Jacquez, 425th Air Base Squadron Medical Aid Station flight chief, and Tech. Sgt. Robert Wilson, 425th ABS Medical Aid Station NCO in charge, test water for chlorine levels in the Izmir Club water. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tanju Varlikli)
IDMT: Not your regular medics
In 1947, when the Air Force separated from the Army, only 1,480 service members were permitted to transfer to the Air Force Medical Service Corp. Shortly after, the service recognized the need to develop and train its own medics and established training at Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base, Alabama.Training was going well until the late 1950s when the
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Default Air Force Logo Am I Serving?
As a young Captain, sitting in the "Blue Room" at Squadron Officer School, I had the pleasure of hearing many general officers speak to us on various subjects. One subject in particular has stuck with me over the years and it was a general who talked to my SOS class about service.He told a story about being a young fighter pilot and an elderly lady
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Default Air Force Logo Leadership perspective
"How to be a good leader..."How many of you have heard that phrase repeatedly throughout your Air Force careers? I continually search out the answer to this question. Leadership style is one of the most debatable topics in many organizations and academic institutions.Effective leadership is key to any organization's success. Over the decades, there
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Default Air Force Logo Never underestimate your impact
Every day I visit our great Airmen and every day I come across more than one that underestimates their impact to the mission.There's the one-stripe maintainer, "just repaneling an aircraft," for the next day's flight, or the young personalist, "just issuing another identification card," or the defender, "just guarding the gate." The list could go
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Default Air Force Logo Self-Awareness and Humility … two ingredients for success
Do you ever stop to carefully evaluate how well you've lived up to expectations? I don't mean expectations levied upon you by supervisors, by our Air Force, or a by a friend and or loved one. I mean how well are you living up to the expectations you have of yourself.Presuming that you've taken the time to establish goals, I'd recommend you pause a
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Default Air Force Logo Importance of balance
As a squadron commander, my main priority is to make sure the 728th Air Mobility Squadron is trained and ready to execute Air Mobility Command's or Transportation Command's mission requirements. It requires my whole unit to work 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week all year as a cohesive team.Even though we work hard to meet our mission and propel
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