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  • 39th RAWS: Ensuring flight safety

    Not being able to talk with an air traffic control tower can be a deadly endeavor for an aircraft trying to takeoff or land.Effective Air Force operations require quality communication, and it’s especially critical for any flying mission. The 39th Operations Support Squadron play a critical role in

  • Hair problems, a March to remember

    The U.S. Air Force has a “problem” with hair.The image of a professional U.S. male service member has long been a freshly shaved face and close-cropped hair of somebody ready to face war with thousands of similarly groomed battle brothers.This appearance standard was instituted during World War I,

  • The bridge between two nations

    For more than 35 years, Mehmet Birbiri has served as the 39th Air Base Wing host nation advisor, bridging the gap between Incirlik’s U.S. forces and its Turkish allies by fostering communication and understanding.

  • First-term CGO course enhances leadership

    Officers of any rank are expected to be high-caliber leaders and examples for the Airmen and fellow officers. But such skills are rarely innate, and instead company grade officers often learn on the job with a good amount of trial, error and peer review.

  • 39th ABW vice commander visits 717th ABS

    Col. Shelly Mendieta, 39th Air Base Wing vice commander, visited the 717th Air Base Squadron in Ankara, Turkey, Aug. 9 – 12, 2020.During her visit, Mendieta toured the grounds and familiarized herself with the unit’s unique mission.

  • Incirlik Behind the Scenes: 39th CS keeps Incirlik in-touch

    Incirlik Air Base functions purely on the efforts of its dedicated Airmen, working together to ensure the base’s continuing effort of supporting U.S. allies and coalition partners continues without fail. Each working area performs a vital support function and this ‘Behind the Scenes’ series will

  • 39th CONS – keeping Incirlik running

    The Airmen of the 39th Contracting Squadron are responsible for coordinating acquisitions of everything from the desk furniture in offices to the construction crews repairing the runway here.

  • 39th MXS: Maintaining Incirlik’s surety and support mission

    Despite no U.S. Air Force aircraft being permanently assigned to the 39th Air Base Wing at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, the 39th Maintenance Squadron plays an important role in supporting the air mission for U.S., NATO and partner nation forces here.