39th CONS – keeping Incirlik running

Photo of an Airman working at his desk.

Tech. Sgt. Theodore Church-Reeves, 39th Contracting Squadron team lead, updates paperwork July 27, 2020, at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey. Along with basic tools such as phones and laptops, the 39th CONS is responsible for rewarding contracts to vendors to complete runway repairs, building maintenance and other similar jobs. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Malissa Lott)

Photo of a squadron award being displayed.

A quarterly award is displayed in an office July 27, 2020, at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey. Without the 39th CONS, there would be no employees at the dining facility or a civil engineer office working and resolving repairs in base housing. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Malissa Lott)

Photo of an Airman laughing.

Staff Sgt. Christian Luevano, 39th Contracting Squadron contract specialist, laughs with a coworker July 27, 2020, at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey. The contracting squadron provides contracts for basic commodities such as phone, laptops, and other tools required to complete the mission. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Malissa Lott)

Photo of two Airmen working at a desk.

Matthew Knoll, 39th Contracting Squadron contracting officer base support, and Tech Sgt. Ulrich Lichtwardt, 39th CONS team lead base support, talk while completing paperwork July 27, 2020, at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey. The 39th CONS allows the wing and it’s tenant units to continue to support and protect U.S. and NATO assets here in Turkey. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Malissa Lott)


The Airmen of the 39th Contracting Squadron are responsible for coordinating acquisitions of everything from the desk furniture in offices to the construction crews repairing the runway here.


The 39th Air Base Wing supports and protects U.S. and NATO assets and it’s important that units across the wing have the tools and resources to complete the mission.


“For regular Airmen across base, no contracting would mean no furniture, no computers, no tools on the flightline and no government vehicles to drive,” said Tech. Sgt. Theodore Church-Reeves, 39th CONS team lead. “Here at Incirlik, it would also mean no employees at the dining facility, no civil engineer shops to resolve or complete work orders and no water treatment plant to supply the base.”


Other contracts the squadron is responsible for range from maintenance services that keep many of the buildings on the installation clean to Wi-Fi services and even large scale construction projects.


The squadron is responsible for nearly 200 active contracts at the moment worth over $60 million.

Currently, the 39th CONS has several contracted runway repairs on the base's flightline and three active projects with the 39th Medical Group. Contracts such as these are beneficial to the Air Force because it keeps the mission from halting without having to give up personnel and equipment.


“The most exciting thing about contracting is that we can easily see our impact, especially in overseas locations,” Church-Reeves said.

“When people have a requirement the package comes to us, we purchase it and make sure the delivery happens.”


With the amount of projects they take on, can come certain issues.


Church-Reeves said that days can be hectic dealing with an influx of calls and other logistical hurdles but the results and impact they have on the mission are worth the challenges.


“It can be frustrating running into problems,” Church-Reeves said. “But the continuous problem solving that we do allows us to see a project to completion and really feel satisfied that we did something long-lasting, even if people won’t ever know.”


Despite the hurdles, the 39th CONS continues to support the wing and provide teamwork to ensure the success of the 39th ABW.


“We all contribute to the execution of our mission here at Incirlik Air Base,” Church-Reeves said. “It’s that teamwork that has made my time here in Turkey something that will be memorable for the rest of my life.”