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  • Radio host rocks the waves

    In the early morning hours when your radio alarm jerks you awake or you slip into your vehicle and tune the stereo to 1590 AM, the voice you're likely to hear is American Forces Network broadcast producer Airman 1st Class Laura Beckley as she hosts Breakfast with Beckley, a 5 - 9 a.m. morning radio show."There are so many benefits to this job. I
  • The Connection offers refuge for Airmen

    In a central location for dormitory residents, The Connection, a building and program run by the 39th Air Base Wing Chapel provides unaccompanied Airmen sanctuary from the hectic bustle outside the building's walls. Stocked with board games, internet access, movies, snacks and drinks, The Connection is a "spiritual oasis" and alternative social
  • CPTS accomodates missions at home, downrange

    Since banks in the local area don't carry American currency, the responsibility falls on the 39th Comptroller Squadron to operate check-cashing services to base occupants, pay vendors that supply base utilities and provide money needed in urgent situations at deployed locations.Incirlik's is the only cash cage at a U.S. Air Forces in Europe
  • SARC, VAs help sexual assault survivors stand tall

    It happens everywhere - cities and towns both large and small. Service member or civilian, it can affect either. It occurs in clubs, alleyways, homes, theaters and elsewhere. The act is sexual assault, and it does not discriminate. According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website, one out of every six American women and one out of
  • 39th MDG provides residents with emergency services

    Although Incirlik's medical clinic does not operate an emergency room, the 39th Medical Group ambulance services aids in ensuring around-the-clock care is provided to all base residents."Ambulance services provides the same basic emergency medical technician service that you could expect anywhere in the states," said Tech. Sgt. Sergio Norat, 39th
  • 'Feast of Sacrifice' to begin in Turkey

    If you see herds of sheep in the streets of Incirlik village and Adana, don't be worried. It is a sign that the Muslim world is preparing to celebrate Eedu-l-Adha, or Feast of Sacrifice, which falls on the 10th day of the last month of the Islamic calendar. Feast of Sacrifice, which lasts four and a half days, is the longest religious holiday. It
  • Incirlik under zombie attack; undead wreak havoc on base

    Editor's Note: This article is completely fictional and written in the spirit of the Halloween holiday. Again, the article below is false. After what first appeared to be an increase in cases of the common cold during the change of season, health officials declared that is not the case. Officials stated Oct. 27 people are becoming infected with
  • Team keeps base's communications needs on track

    From acquisition to disposal, the 39th Communications Squadron Client Services Section is responsible for maintaining all the base's computers and components.Within the CSS, there are three functions: client services technicians, automated data processing equipment and communications focal point. "We're all one shop with three different functions,"
  • 39th MXS aids tenant unit with maintenance mission

    Despite having no aircraft permanently assigned to Incirlik, many still pass through on their way to several key locations across the globe. When aircraft are here, the 39th Maintenance Squadron provides aerospace ground equipment and aircraft maintenance support for them."For the transit aircraft that come through Incirlik, we do all the back shop
  • Turkish, American Airmen partner to maintain base security

    Despite a different uniform, different training and even a different language, the Turkish security forces members of the 10th Tanker Base Command's security battalion and the 39th Security Forces Squadron Airmen still maintain the same goal of base security."It's a little different here because we work jointly with the Turkish security battalion.