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  • Incirlik under zombie attack; undead wreak havoc on base

    Editor's Note: This article is completely fictional and written in the spirit of the Halloween holiday. Again, the article below is false. After what first appeared to be an increase in cases of the common cold during the change of season, health officials declared that is not the case. Officials stated Oct. 27 people are becoming infected with
  • Team keeps base's communications needs on track

    From acquisition to disposal, the 39th Communications Squadron Client Services Section is responsible for maintaining all the base's computers and components.Within the CSS, there are three functions: client services technicians, automated data processing equipment and communications focal point. "We're all one shop with three different functions,"
  • 39th MXS aids tenant unit with maintenance mission

    Despite having no aircraft permanently assigned to Incirlik, many still pass through on their way to several key locations across the globe. When aircraft are here, the 39th Maintenance Squadron provides aerospace ground equipment and aircraft maintenance support for them."For the transit aircraft that come through Incirlik, we do all the back shop
  • Turkish, American Airmen partner to maintain base security

    Despite a different uniform, different training and even a different language, the Turkish security forces members of the 10th Tanker Base Command's security battalion and the 39th Security Forces Squadron Airmen still maintain the same goal of base security."It's a little different here because we work jointly with the Turkish security battalion.
  • Meet the command chief

    Twenty-six years ago, Nancy Judge was in her second year at Rockford College, Ill., taking pre-dentistry courses. Fast forward to today, and you'll find Chief Master Sgt. Nancy Judge wearing the Airman battle uniform donned with eight stripes and a star that designates elite Airmen as command chiefs. "I joined the Air Force in 1985 ... because
  • Incirlik's Biggest Loser: Meeting the contestants

    More than 50 people are signed up to participate in the Fall 2011 Biggest Loser program to lose weight and increase their fitness level. The program, a local spin-off of NBCs "The Biggest Loser" television show, will last until Dec. 9. Contestants are allotted points for attending various fitness-related events, fitness center classes, weekly
  • Maintaining operational readiness through housing upkeep

    One section of the Civil Engineering Squadron that people may overlook is the dorm managers. At Incirlik, they are responsible for maintaining all 637 dorm rooms and 94 unaccompanied houses that a large portion of our force lives in. Readying living quarters for a new occupant starts before the prior occupant leaves by ensuring when the room is
  • Incirlik’s Biggest Loser: The trek begins

    Twelve seasons into NBC's hit television series The Biggest Loser, Incirlik Air Base is embarking on its own rendition of the show that pushes contestants to reach and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.The 58 participants are ready to travel on a 14-week strengthening, challenging and motivating mind and body journey with the guidance of Health
  • Bonding through fantasy football

    With the college football season kicking off Sept. 1 and the professional football season about to begin, a group of Airmen here took their love for the game to another league -- the fantasy football league.A collection of Airmen, spouses and contractors gathered together Sept. 2 to take part in a friendly fantasy football draft to build
  • Protocol pursues perfection

    Before every event, coordination must be done. From the outside looking in, all that is seen is the event. Nobody wonders how the chairs were set up, volunteers found, name placards made or who spent last Saturday afternoon welcoming the distinguished visitor.All those tasks are accomplished here by the 39th Air Base Wing Protocol Office to ensure