Patriot security locked down by 39th SFS

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Anthony Sanchelli
  • 39th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
When it comes to the Patriot missile batteries, security is a big deal. For the 39th Security Forces Squadron, safeguarding is what they do. Between efforts made when the Patriot mission arrived and now, defenders have it locked down.

Incirlik defenders are actively involved in keeping the Patriots safe and secure by dispatching patrol units, convoy security and K-9 units.

"We coordinated security, escorts through the vault storage area and traffic control points for on-base movements involved with the Patriots," said Capt. Tyler Hiatt, 39th SFS officer in charge of plans and programs. "We also provided K-9 support during searches and coordinated with our U.S. Army, Dutch and German counterparts on storage and security requirements for their respective headquarters."

Additional joint American and Turkish law enforcement patrols have been added in the Patriot area to assist with any disturbances or host nation issues on base, said Hiatt.

"We as security forces are always ready to adapt to any situation, so we noticed little difference in our daily operations," said Staff Sgt. Raymond Burk, 39th SFS vault storage area supervisor. "With our forces always ready to defend the base, anything inside the wire is safe and secure thanks to our joint effort with Turkish and U.S. defenders alike. We work as a team to ensure mission success."

Though Incirlik defenders are on joint patrols with the Turkish, they are not the only other country assisting with the Patriot mission.

"Working with the U.S. Army, Dutch and German leadership has been very easy. Their concepts of security are similar to ours, making their integration into the installation an easy transition," said Hiatt. "Security Forces will remain ready to support, whether through law enforcement, K-9 searches or on-base convoy movements."

Security forces continue to safeguard the Patriots, both while stationary in motion. When the missile batteries need to be moved, security forces secures their on-base routes, ensuring the transportation of the batteries is as safe as possible.

"Whenever a convoy departs the base, we coordinate the on-base route and provide escorts through restricted areas as well as posting traffic control points to prevent vehicles from interfering with the convoy," Hiatt said.

Members of the 39th SFS are prepared to support the NATO mission throughout its duration, while continuing to meet U.S. Air Forces in Europe's objectives.

"Security Forces have been able to assist with the Patriot mission by providing a safe and secure environment for the personnel assigned," said Burk. "Through dedication and teamwork we are able to provide safety, security and superb defense against any threat."