39th CPTS, CONS work toward end of fiscal year

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Alexis Sandoval
  • 39th Air Base Wing

Airmen from the 39th Comptroller Squadron (CPTS) and the 39th Contracting Squadron (CONS) are working diligently towards the rapidly-approaching end of the 2023 fiscal year in September.

As responsible stewards of American taxpayers’ money, the 39th CPTS and 39th CONS ensure funds are applied on time to the appropriate projects and programs throughout the wing before the fiscal year closeout.

“At the end of the third quarter, we are congressionally mandated to be 83 percent obligated,” said Staff Sgt. Anna Dykes, a 39th CPTS mission support group budget analyst. “This is crucial for a smooth closeout. During the last month, all uncommitted funds roll up to the wing, and from there, we work with CONS to ensure all unfunded requirements are executed.”

Like clockwork, the fiscal year begins October 1 and ends September 30. However, that doesn't make the fiscal responsibility any less challenging; and at Incirlik Air Base, the challenges are more unique compared to traditional bases.

“Some challenges we face involve mitigating budget shortfalls,” said Dykes. “Also, with this being a remote location, turnover time and continuity are limited. We must learn fast and provide guidance to a new class of Titans as they come on station.”

One way CONS faces the challenges of permanent change of station season, according to Capt. Gabriel Stelly, the 39th CONS director of business operations, is having what they call an acquisition roadshow, where the 39th CONS commander meets the outgoing squadron commanders throughout the wing. In this meeting they establish what the end of the fiscal year will look like at their respective squadrons so by the time the incoming commanders arrive all that needs to be done is a second confirmation of the plan established previously, barring any new adjustments.

Not only does continuity and turnover pose a barrier, but so does getting supplies through customs and ordering products due to requirements set by the Turkish government.

“Incirlik AB comes with very unique challenges as we must work with the Turkish government for the coordination of deliveries and approvals to provide the requirements our mission partners need,” said Staff Sgt. Glinnis Thompson, 39th CONS contracting officer. “Specifically, the Defense and Economic Cooperation Agreement requires items to be purchased in a certain way.”

The 39th CPTS and 39th CONS manage a multimillion-dollar budget that directly supports every line of effort throughout the wing, which ensures Airmen and operations remain ready, responsive and reliable.