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  • Alcohol, Ankle Bracelets and Responsible Drinking

    I had to chuckle the other day when I read that Lindsay Lohan, fresh from a six-week stint in a Malibu alcohol and drug rehab facility, agreed to wear an alcohol-detecting ankle bracelet just so she could party in places where alcohol is served. She took no time putting the bracelet to the test as one of her first stops after leaving rehab was at a
  • Quality of life; make a difference

    Our outstanding Airmen never cease to amaze me at how they get involved to make things happen from raising funds for the Air Force Enlisted Village to giving quality of life inputs for our wing. Our wing has been very successful in the past and it is all because of Team Incirlik's members' pride and desire to continually improve things. The Air
  • Solid Personal Responsibility

    As I have traveled around the wing in my first couple weeks, I have been impressed by the professional demeanor of all the men and women of Team Incirlik. The Airmen, U.S. and local national civilians are a strong team that gets the mission done each day, not just done, but done with excellence. While our mission is broad in scope, it is no secret
  • Be a positive reflection of the U. S.

    Being assigned at a short-tour location means frequent turn-over of personnel which is something we at Incirlik have a lot of experience in. With the PCS cycle in full swing, it's about that time again for us to re-educate folks on proper customs and courtesies when enjoying the conveniences and recreational facilities the Alley has to offer. We
  • Elections

    Your friend is correct. Turkey will hold general elections July 22. The elections in Turkey are a lot more colorful than the ones in the States or in any European country. As you have noticed all the streets and walls are decorated with banners and flags of the political parties and posters of all the candidates. Additionally, convoys of cars drive
  • Education, the Medal of Honor, and "Blackhawk Down"

    A few years ago, I had the opportunity to see Michael Durant speak at a graduation ceremony. Those of you that have seen the movie "Blackhawk Down" may remember that Durant piloted a Blackhawk helicopter shot down over Mogadishu in October 1993. As hostile Somalis converged on Durant's helicopter, two U.S. Army Delta Force operators, Randy Shughart
  • Keep on Rolling

    Thank you for the warm welcome and for making the change of command a memorable event; my family and I are blown away by your professionalism and hospitality. We look forward to being part of Team Incirlik and working with all of you. I have watched Team Incirlik from afar the past few months and am convinced you know what needs to be done and how
  • Transportation in Turkey

    Question:  Mehmet, I have a travelers book about Turkey. I read and understand that there are a lot of beautiful and unique places throughout Turkey. After spotting these places, I found out that some of them are close to major cities and some are far from major cities. My question is; how can I go to these places, especially to the ones not close
  • Capt. James T. Kirk, the Kobiashi Maru, and AFSO21

    One of the legends surrounding Capt. James T. Kirk had it that he was the only starship captain ever to pass the training scenario known as the Kobiashi Maru. Starfleet command designed the Kobiashi Maru as a no-win scenario in order to observe how potential starship captains reacted to failure. When asked how he passed the Kobiashi Maru, Captain
  • Fortitude, Audacity and Valor

    This is the 100th time I've written a commentary for the base paper. We've been together 24 months now, and it's time for me to go. But before I do, I wanted to share some thoughts, some of which I've been saving for 24 months. It's been the honor of my life to be your commander. One of the things about command is that you're always somewhat apart.