Become a part of 07-08 IAS school year

  • Published
  • By Pam Chatham
  • Incirlik American School Liaison Officer
Dependent education is a top quality of life issue and it affects mission readiness. Studies show that students do better in school when parents and the community are actively involved.

Here at Incirlik, we have a unique community setting for our children to excel with added parental involvement. With school starting Monday, it is time to prepare ourselves and our children for the best start possible.

As much or more than other military communities, Incirlik has an influx of new faces. Included in this transition is a new principal at Incirlik American School, Mr. Raynard Eddings.

Having children himself that will attend the school, Mr. Eddings has first-hand knowledge of the importance of a good partnership between the school and parents. Assisted by Dr. Lucille Sutherland, Incirlik's vice principal, they are sure to get the year off to a great start and facilitate parental involvement.

Not only do the school and parents need to offer support for the next school year, all of Team Incirlik shares in the responsibility for the education of our youth.

Command, parents, teachers and community members must take an active role in supporting education. You can play an active role in a child's life by becoming a mentor, tutor or a coach even if you do not have children.

In fact, the United States Air Forces in Europe strategic plan on dependent education supports time away from the duty location to volunteer at our school, attend parent/teacher conferences and School Advisory Council meetings.

Along with attending meetings and volunteering, there are other ways to get involved in your child's school life.

Teachers can tell you things you may not know - often something your child has done for which you can be proud.

Start communicating with teachers early and keep the lines of communication open throughout the school year.

It is never a good beginning if your first encounter with your child's teacher is
in the middle of the school year due to a problem.

It is the responsibility of the parent and the community to help mentor and develop our young students at Incirlik.

Together, with the right attitudes and involvement, we will start the 2007-
2008 school year heading in the right