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  • The value of your ABC's

    I'm sure everyone has examples of who they believe are outstanding leaders. For me, it was simple, my grandfather, Reverend Thomas Grant, Sr. He was a preacher at the church in our neighborhood and was affectionately known throughout our community as "Rev." If he were here today, he would not consider himself a leader and would only think he did
  • Leading in Challenging Times: Integrity Also Means Consistency

    Every Airman knows that "Integrity First" is the foundational pillar of our core values, and we all understand what it means. We will always strive to do the right thing and be honest in all that we do. I also believe integrity carries with it the idea of consistency in how we conduct every aspect of our lives. Recently, I took the out brief of an
  • Pride in Ownership

    Take care of what you've got, an adage we learned when we were kids with our toys. This adage still rings true as adults, however, the things we must care for are worth much more and are sometimes not ours alone. An example of this is taking care of the grounds and facilities we share here at Incirlik Air Base. As I ride my bike to and from work, I
  • Inspection ready: Don't put lipstick on a pig

    Have you ever heard the phrase, "Putting lipstick on a pig?" Quite the image comes to mind, doesn't it? The phrase is often used to refer to the process of preparing for an inspection and it isn't complimentary. It suggests that rather than fix the problem, you are just going to make a broken problem look pretty. For example, if there's a crack in
  • Attitude is everything

    This week I have followed a sport I never really paid attention to in the past. I sat and watched tennis during the U.S. Open not because of the sport itself, but because of the story unfolding on the screen. Melanie Oudin, ranked number 70 in the world, was beating opponents she was not supposed to beat. The competitors were ranked much higher and
  • Welcome to Incirlik

    "Welcome to Incirlik." I am so sick and tired of hearing those words; this crusty Shirt is ready to spit nails. The words are not said in earnest and they are not said with warmth; they are said at the end of every question I have asked 'why' to since my arrival here at Incirlik. "Why is this like that? Why is that like this? Why do we do things
  • Chaplains lead the way to spiritual fitness

    In today's Air Force we are much more in tune with the "Warrior Ethos." The shift from launching sorties and returning to the relative safety of a base located far from the combat zone, to a forward operating base that puts us in the middle of the fight has dramatically increased the number of Airmen in harms way. Then, add to that the many Joint
  • Where will you leave your legacy?

    About a year ago, a course instructor at the Air Command and Staff College asked my classmates and I a question: "Where will you leave your legacy?" The question was asked in the context of a class regarding leadership in command. Although all of us were not slated to command immediately following school, each person in the seminar had the
  • The power of courtesy

    The manner in which we interact with each other and show respect for one another is important in every position within an organization, especially when it comes to leaders. Courtesy should be given to everyone regardless of position, rank or age. Unfortunately there are times when military members lack consideration, act in a rude manner or show
  • Inspire your Airmen to get the job done

    We are all leaders no matter what our rank or title. Our goal is to accomplish the mission while helping our troops grow. Whether we are a parent and our mission is to get our children to clean their room or a commander tasked to manage airfield operations, we all have to inspire ourselves and others to get things done. None of us want to be