The Year of the Air Force Family

  • Published
  • By Col. Eric Beene
  • 39th Air Base Wing commander
From July 2009 until next July, the Air Force has officially proclaimed this year the "Year of the Air Force Family." This declaration gives us the opportunity to focus on the outstanding programs and support the Air Force provides to Airmen and families, and allows us to get the word out on how to access these great services! 

Here at Incirlik, we have tremendous opportunities and support systems for our families. Depending on your needs, Incirlik has an array of options that servicemembers and their families can visit. 

Family and child services 

Places like the Child Development Center and the Youth Center provide a family child care program and cultural and ethnic learning programs to expand a child's mind at a young age. The 39th Medical Group has a first-class pediatrics program and the Airman and Family Readiness Center offers programs which provide families with relocation assistance, financial aid, job searching assistance and deployment information. 

Incirlik also has a unit school for pre-kindergarten to grade-12 students offering basic curriculum classes and unique classes for gifted children and limited special needs students. 

Morale and recreation 

There are numerous places located throughout the base, dedicated to enhancing quality of life and keeping spirits high all year. The Youth Center provides a skate park for children and teens, a teen room for leisure activities, a school age program, clubs and athletic programs. 

The 39th Force Support Squadron has countless services including a bowling center, golf and mini-golf, a pool, the consolidated club, a library with a wide variety of books, DVDs and internet services, and the Arts and Crafts Center with a multitude of services for recreational and educational uses. 

If you need internet, you may use any of the several WiFi hotspots throughout the base. These hotspots are located inside Starbucks, the Connection, the Community Center, and the A&FRC. To sign up for your own internet connection at home, you can visit the MayaNet office inside the bowling center. 

For information on some of the most exciting and interesting trips that our unique location can provide, Incirlik's Information Ticket and Travel provide group trips and tours to Turkey and European destinations for very reasonable prices. 

To look into more events and programs the 39th FSS offers, check for the calendar of events or check the monthly Happenings publication. 

Spiritual fitness 

Spiritual fitness is a key part of being a winning member of Team Incirlik. The Chapel offers weekly services for a variety of religions; family and marriage counseling and the base chaplains have an open door policy for one-on-one counseling. Spiritual fitness can also mean talking to a friend, taking a yoga class, or finding other healthy ways to relax. 

Financial Readiness 

What family services does the 39th Comptroller Squadron provide? Have you checked your Leave and Earnings Statement lately? Are you getting all the pay and benefits you've earned? Are you enrolled in the Thrift Savings Plan or the Savings Bond Program, which will help provide for your family later in life? When your Air Force family member is deployed, are you receiving family separation pay? Incirlik has a hardworking and very helpful financial office which can help assist with all of these matters. If you're looking for a little assistance with finances, the A&FRC offers a personal financial management programs. 

Our families are vital to our mission, no matter what our job is. If we don't take care of them, how can they take care of us? 

This year gives us a chance to ensure the programs in place are perfected and we recognize anything we can do to better the lives of our families. It also gives us an opportunity to suggest new ones you think we may need. 

At the end of your day, we all need the support of our families, and our families need support as well. Being a part of the Air Force family means you've got a world of support all around you. Make sure you know all that's available to you and how you can participate!