728th Air Mobility Squadron

The 728th Air Mobility Squadron is an en route squadron located at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey that reports to Air Mobility Command.  The squadron falls under the 521st Air Mobility Operations Group, headquartered at Naval Station Rota, Spain and the 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing, headquartered at Ramstein Air Base, Germany.  The 7-2-8 consists of more than 200 permanent party, Turkish Nationals, and Air Expeditionary Force augmentees.  Together, they ensure safe and effective en route support for missions transiting Europe, Africa, and Southwest Asia and support five Combatant Commanders with Aerial Port Operations, Aircraft Maintenance, and Command and Control 24/7/365.

The Aerial Port Flight is responsible for conducting air transportation services for all airlift missions originating, terminating, or transiting Incirlik Air Base.

The Aircraft Maintenance (MX) Flight projects AMC's global air mobility mission by executing flightline operations to generate, launch, recover, service, and repair C-17, C-5, and commercial cargo aircraft.

The Combat Readiness and Resources Flight (CCX) provides a robust suite of services to include professional and work-center training, mission readiness and deployment support, maintenance and aerial port inspections and evaluations, financial services, and computer support.

The squadron serves as the 39th Air Base Wing's aerial port and supports transient Department of Defense and Allied aircraft.  They also manage two operating locations that support the U.S. Embassies in Cairo, Egypt and Tel Aviv, Israel.  Additionally, they operate as a strategic cargo hub supporting combat missions such as Operations FREEDOM’S SENTINEL and INHERENT RESOLVE.


For more information on Space-A travel, please visit: https://www.incirlik.af.mil/Units/728th-Air-Mobility-Squadron


(Current as of February 2019)