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  • Meet your leadership: Wing Chaplain, Lt. Col. John Shipman

    The 39th Air Base Wing units are led by hand-picked commanders here and at geographically-separated groups and squadrons across the region. This series of features gives an inside look at those leaders and their leadership style. This feature highlights the Wing Chaplain, Lt. Col. John Shipman.Question: Why did you decide to join the Air Force and
  • Diversity in uniform: Doctor's 'Wild' journey

    A young, African girl takes a jog on a path to her home in the Matetsi Safari area. Her senses are on alert and goose bumps raise on her arms as she hears the animals of the surrounding jungle send out warning calls. As an impala in the distance gives off a distinct sound, she stops momentarily to survey the area for predators as she feels
  • Ask Mehmet: Republic Day

    Ask Mehmet is a forum for people to ask questions of the local area, as well as the outer confines of the region and the country as a whole. To submit a question, send an e-mail with the subject "Ask Mehmet" to 39abw.pa@incirlik.af.mil. Then, look for an answer to the question on the 39th Air Base Wing's official website at www.incirlik.af.mil and
  • Chief shadow: Staff Sgt. Ann Marie L. Bierman

    Name/rank: Staff Sgt. Ann Marie L. Bierman Squadron: 39th Contracting SquadronJob title: Contracting craftsman and team leadJob description and how do you contribute to the 39th Air Base Wing's mission? As a team lead, I am one of only three warranted contracting officers in the flight entrusted with a $2 million warrant providing contract support
  • Chief shadow: Senior Airman Derek Miles

    Name and rank: Senior Airman Derek MilesSquadron: 39th Operations Support SquadronJob title: Ground radar technicianJob description and how do you contribute to the 39th Air Base Wing's mission?As a ground radar technician at Incirlik I troubleshoot, repair, and sustain 24-hour operations terminal air control, landing and meteorological systems
  • Ask Mehmet: Feast of Sacrifice

    If you see herds of sheep in the streets of Incirlik village and Adana, don't get worried. It's a sign that the muslim world is preparing to celebrate Eedu-l-Adha, or Feast (or Festival) of Sacrifice, which  falls on the tenth day of the last month of  the Islamic calendar. Feast of Sacrifice, which lasts four-and-a-half days, is the longest muslim
  • Resiliency, coping skills built through teamwork

    In an ever-changing Air Force, resiliency is a core competency of the Comprehensive Airman concept that all service members must embrace to be an effective member of the U.S. Air Force.To develop the resiliency of 28 Airmen, staff sergeant and below, from the 39th Air Base Wing, Almeda Giles, 39th ABW community support coordinator, hosted a
  • Ask Mehmet: Field fires, smoke

    Mehmet, what is the burning smell in the air? I heard it was the time of the year when locals were burn trash? Is that true?Last week, we had a dust storm come in from the Syrian Desert. The dust clouds created a greenhouse effect making the temperature exceed the normal values.The dust storm is now over and we get to see blue skies again. But as
  • Chief Shadow: Airman 1st Class Justin Dixon

    Name/rank: Airman 1st Class Justin DixonSquadron: 39th Comptroller SquadronJob Title: CashierWhat is your job description and how do you contribute to the 39th Air Base Wing's mission?I am the primary cashier for Air Force's largest disbursing operation.  I am responsible and accountable for $10 thousand in operating authority and business day
  • Chief Shadow: Staff Sgt. Antone Moore

    Name:  Antone Moore, "Tony"Rank: Staff Sergeant.Duty Title: Radio Frequency Transmission Systems supervisorUnit of Assignment: 39th Communications SquadronHobbies: Football, basketball, paintball ... pretty much anything outsideAccomplishments:Staff Sgt. Antone Moore has distinguished himself as a vital member of the weapons storage and security