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  • Be your own wingman

    It is truly a demanding time to serve overseas. This command continues to execute at a high ops tempo with new and enduring missions in Europe and Africa, providing forward-based combat airpower in an environment tempered by fiscal uncertainty and restricted budgets. While the impact of the recent government shutdown is still fresh in our minds, I
  • Air Force publishes sexual assault convictions

    In order to raise awareness of and hopefully prevent sexual assault, the Air Force now publishes sexual assault convictions on-line. Anyone can go to the Air Force Judge Advocate Website and review more than 100 sexual assault convictions from across the Air Force, to include viewing them by base. After a few minutes of reviewing the facts of these
  • NEO Exercise - What's in it for you?

    Over the last few months our Incirlik team has done a tremendous job addressing a dynamic range of problems from chemical weapons attacks in Syria to an increased tempo as we improve our wing and enhance our readiness. It's critical that we avoid complacency. Even though the headlines have settled down, our responsibility to be ready hasn't
  • Lt. Col. Jonathan Richards, 39 MDSS: Orange tree leadership

    I spent months preparing the soil for this tree: routing the irrigation, eliminating all the weeds, laying down weed block, getting the soil pH just right (what a pain!) and aerating the ground so it would be easier for the tree to make new roots. When I transplanted it, all the leaves turned yellow and fell off. This was one ticked off orange
  • Rain, rain go away...

    Most people are familiar with the idiomatic concept of storing some cash away in one's pocket for a rainy day. Well, the weather report for today is cloudy with scattered showers. While today's spotty precipitation may only affect certain groups of people, the 30-day forecast shows the possibility of widespread showers and downpours. So, are you
  • Your actions can save a life

    It's been a rough year for me. In less than a year I've been hit with situation after situation that has brought me to my knees.First, I'll mention the deaths.My grandmother died in October, the cousin I grew up with died in November, and my dad - my much missed, loved dad - died in June.All of them died unexpectedly. All their deaths were tragic,
  • Welcome! - 09/11/13

    Welcome to the Commander's Comment's section of our website. I plan to use this corner of cyberspace to help keep the lines of communication open, and, most importantly, to provide direct access to my intent and priorities. During the course of my career I've found that understanding commander's intent is priceless, and there's no substitute for
  • Traveling Turkey: Antalya Region

    Editor's Note: This is part of an ongoing series of spots of interest in the area. For information on various trips offered on Incirlik AB visit 39FSS.com.Though Incirlik AB agencies offer many opportunities for travel where they will take you to the destination, sometimes its nice just do a little research and plan a trip yourself. There are many
  • Commander's Comments - Are you ready?

    The 39th Air Base Wing is pleased to announce that in the coming days the wing commander, Col. Craig Wills, will begin posting comments right here on this page! Think of "Commander's Comments" as an interactive blog where you can not only read posts from the commander, but you can also post thoughts and questions. Our wing commander has made it
  • Ask Mehmet: Victory Day

    Editor's note: Ask Mehmet is a forum for people to ask questions about the local area, as well as the outer confines of the region and the country as a whole. To submit a question, send an e-mail with the subject "Ask Mehmet" to 39abw.pa@us.af.mil. Then, look for an answer to the question on the 39th Air Base Wing's official website at