Titan University to launch virtual job fair

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Joshua Magbanua
  • 39th Air Base Wing

Have you ever looked at a list of jobs in the Air Force and thought, “wow, I can be anything?”

Maybe you’re trying to switch jobs and want to make an educated decision before hitting that retrain button.

This is why the 39th Air Base Wing’s Titan University is preparing to launch its virtual job fair: a video library which is designed to give enlisted Airmen as much information as possible about the job they want to retrain into.

“The benefits of this virtual fair is that you can look to see if you are even interested in a job before applying for it,” said Master Sgt. Debbie Jackson, 39th ABW career assistance advisor. “This library will give members more information about the career field they are interested in.”

Jackson mentioned that although career advisors are considered the experts in retraining, no one knows a job better than those who do it. This is why she reached out to Airmen across Incirlik to give briefings about their respective jobs.

She added that plenty of Airmen approach her with questions on how to retrain. With many Airmen wishing to switch jobs, Jackson wants to educate as many as possible about prospective career changes.

“The vision is to educate members,” she said. “We have so many outstanding and interesting jobs in the Air Force, and sometimes the mission gets lost in translation. This is important because the more informed you are, the better prepared you can be.”

Master Sgt. Michael Cowley, American Forces Network Incirlik station manager, is one of the briefers for the virtual job fair. He discussed what it’s like to serve the Air Force as a public affairs broadcast journalist, saying it is a good deal for people who are interested in photography, writing and videography.

“My career has had many fortunate turns and I've had amazing experiences with the mission and people,” said Cowley. “It felt great to tell an audience about little bits of my career. If Airmen want to retrain and are not familiar with other Air Force specialty codes, this is perfect. It doesn't cover everything, but gives them an honest look at someone else's career with their specific AFSC.”

Cowley went on to describe his experiences in his career field, adding that the public affairs field gives Airmen the unique opportunity to catch a glimpse of almost every part of the Air Force.

“During my career, I've worked with pretty much every AFSC,” he said. “Flown in several fighter jets, climbed glaciers with the Army, fired howitzers with Marines in the Philippines, photographed and met President Obama and produced nationally distributed radio and television content. I can't think of any other job where you get to do this kind of stuff. It's awesome!”

The virtual video library is expected to be accessible on the Titan University SharePoint in the near future. For questions concerning retraining, please contact the 39th Air Base Wing career assistance advisor at DSN: 676-1019.