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  • AMMO troops count every shot, make every shot count

    “If it goes pop, sizzle, bang or boom, we deal with it,” said Staff Sgt. Bryan Gibree, 39th Maintenance Squadron munitions inspection supervisor. “It’s our job to make sure that everyone has the munitions they need—when and where they need it— and that those munitions will be effective and reliable.” This is why the Air Force isn’t a glorified mail service—because of dedicated munitions Airmen who put the “fire” in firepower.
  • RAPCON Airmen keep eyes in the sky

    Imagine traffic cops guiding vehicles at major road intersections: they don’t just dance in the middle of the road, make funny hand gestures and blow whistles all day. They ensure traffic flows smoothly without vehicles hitting each other. In the world of radar control, the principle is the same: guide air traffic and keep everyone at a safe distance.
  • 39 MXS lifts Incirlik to new heights

    Members of the 39th Maintenance Squadron's transient alert crash and recovery section showcase the capabilities of their newly acquired pneumatic lifting bags. The section uses lifting bags to enable personnel to quickly and safely lift or move a crashed, damaged or disabled aircraft. As one of several recovery methods, lifting bags assist the section with performing their primary mission of ensuring the runway is clear and postured to support NATO’s southern region.
  • Incirlik Airmen roll out September GRIT

    Grit… what is grit? The word brings thoughts of courage, resolve and strength of character, according to the major command U.S. Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa. Using this definition, USAFE-AFAFRICA has pushed forward with an initiative called Operation GRIT. It is an innovative way of improving military culture, creating safer communities and developing productive Airmen, the MAJCOM says on its website.
  • Contamination elimination

    Airmen assigned to the 39th Medical Group practice decontamination procedures on a simulated victim during an exercise Aug. 21, 2019, at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey. The 39th Air Base Wing conducted a base-wide exercise to assess the emergency readiness of Airmen on the installation. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Joshua Magbanua)
  • Midnight Titans: Airmen helping Airmen

    With over 6,000 rides given to the Airmen of Incirlik Air Base, the success of the Midnight Titans program continues to increase the safety of base residents.
  • Sacrifice Holiday

    Rooted in the story of Abraham, who nearly sacrificed his son Isaac, the Sacrifice Holiday is one of Islam’s biggest observances. According to Muslim belief, God halted Abraham’s hand and told him to sacrifice a ram as a substitute. Muslims practice this observance from Aug. 11 to Aug. 14. This is the second of two major Muslim holidays celebrated
  • SFS military working dogs, Airmen keep base safe, secure

    Security Forces military working dog handlers and their four-legged companions are part of a variety of tools in the 39th Security Forces Squadron toolkit.Those MWDs and their handlers work “paw-in-hand” to keep the base, its assets and personnel safe and secure.“We’re responsible for the security of the base like any other security forces patrol,”