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  • Battling holiday blues

    For many people, the holiday season is filled with celebrations and spending quality time with family and friends, but for some, this time of year can bring out feelings of depression and the "holiday blues." While increased depression is often associated with the holidays, it's actually other seasonal factors that are often the root cause.
  • AFSO 21: Incirlik jumps on the Internet Express

    The Air Force is leaning processes for future generations of Airmen, and the Tip of the Sword will be transitioning to Incirlik Express, a four-page newsletter saving the 39th Air Base Wing more than $20,000 annually and giving more time back to Incirlik's Airmen. With the new process, recognized by Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs
  • SECAF wraps up visit to Incirlik

    It's not everyday an Airman gets a handshake from the Secretary of the Air Force; but Airmen got that opportunity Dec. 6 and 7 when the Honorable Michael W. Wynne and his wife, Barbara, visited Incirlik to get a first-hand look at the base's missions and operations and to meet the members of Team Incirlik. Secretary Wynne received a tour of the
  • Incirlik welcomes SECAF

    Secretary of the Air Force Michael W. Wynne and his wife Barbara arrived here at approximately noon today to meet with Team Incirlik members and witness the unique missions and capabilities conducted daily in support of full-spectrum operations. During his time here the secretary plans to visit a host of units to engage with Incirlik Airmen
  • AGE saving time

    Sometimes, it's the smallest of ideas that reap the biggest rewards. When the reward is more time to accomplish the mission, everyone benefits. Members of the 39th Maintenance Squadron aerospace ground equipment flight have combined several Air Force Smart Operations 21 initiatives to make their processes more efficient and trim the response time
  • Tower, RAPCON work together to keep planes moving

    Aircraft are always coming and going at Incirlik. From fighters to tankers, military aircraft to commercial carriers, there is never a dull moment for our joint U.S. Air Force and Turkish Air Force team in the tower and radar approach control center. Together they control all the air traffic around the base. The two entities, of tower and RAPCON
  • Incirlik welcomes DECA team

    The Defense and Economic Cooperation Agreement team arrived Dec. 5 and is conducting their 26th annual visit through Dec. 8. This annual visit doesn't assess a pass or fail grade, but rather serves to strengthen the bilateral relationship between Turkey and the United States. This agreement, established in 1980, sets some operating rules for this
  • AFSO 21 - Medical Group on the “Right Start”

    The 39th Medical Group is helping Incirlik lead the way in Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century by leaning the medical Right Start procedures. Normally what took Incirlik newcomers two days to accomplish is now being done in just a fourth of that time. It is no longer necessary for members to schedule appointments for their Preventive
  • RST program practices AFSO21

    Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century or AFSO21, as it is more recognizably known, takes this culture to the next level by focusing on how to do things smarter. Here at Incirlik we are all about leveraging our people smartly. The Readiness Support Team, which is a group of Airmen trained to respond in case the worst happens on base, is
  • Pope visits Turkey

    A once in a life time opportunity by shear definition only comes once. We got that opportunity Nov. 29 as we celebrated Mass with Pope Benedict XVI in Ephesus, Turkey. The Pope was invited by the Turkish Government to visit several locations in Turkey during one of the first Apostolic Journeys of his Pontificate. The significance of the Pope's trip