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  • Supply and demand

    The 39th Logistics readiness Squadron is made up of four flights. Within the squadron individual flights such as individual protection equipment, hazardous materials pharmacy and distribution and deployment provide Incirlik Air Base services to keep the Airmen ready to complete various missions across the installation.
  • G-Code: A motto to live by

    “G-code in effect, I repeat, g-code is now in effect.” Codes are how the Air Force identifies the capabilities and sometimes the needs of its Airmen. To the flying community, a “G-code” signals there is a female aboard the aircraft, which is rare. For the 22d Expeditionary Air Refueling (EAR) Squadron commander, Lt. Col. Jessica Guarini, G-code is more than just flight terminology, but a motto to live by.
  • 39th MDSS welcomes new commander

    A photo story of the 39th Medical Support Squadron change of command ceremony as Lt. Col. Robert Orlando takes command.
  • 39th SFS: a look behind the scenes

    In a dark room illuminated by computer screens, members of the 39th Security Forces Squadron man the Base Defense Operations Center. The quiet sounds that fill the room are deafening like a calm before the storm until suddenly the desk sergeant reacts to the blaring sounds of a ringing phone.No one knows what’s on the other end, whether it’s a
  • Titans of Incirlik

    A brief photo story of how the service members at Incirlik Air Base stay in shape to not only maintain the standards of the Air Force, but to be Titan strong.
  • 39th OSS welcomes new commander

    Lt. Col. John Talafuse relinquished command of the 39th Operations Support Squadron Lt. Col. Kevin McCaskey.
  • Who's the boss: 39th MDOS welcomes new commander

    Lt. Col. Sarah Evans relinquishes command of the 39th Medical Operations Squadron to Lt. Col. Dana Adrian.
  • Strumming into a new hobby

    Airmen have a variety of ways to come together, step away from work and destress. One such way is the weekly guitar class Airman 1st Class Colton Harris, 39th Communications Squadron client systems technician hosts as a way to share his passion for music with others. The free class is available for individuals with all levels of experience and is
  • Pedal to the metal

    Airmen at Incirlik Air Base formed a bike group that rides around the installation every Saturday and extend the invitation to the entire base.
  • A place to find yourself

    I am sure lots of you are thinking that I am crazy as I say this assignment is an opportunity for you. Yes, I know you are far away from your family and friends; this can be really hard and sometimes it feels impossible, but please know you are here for your mission and we are really appreciative of your service and the sacrifices you make for us. Thanks to each and every one of you though, our families, kids and friends are safe.