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The Action Line program allows members of Team Incirlik to voice concerns. 

The Public Affairs office accepts Action Line submissions via e-mail or hand-delivered to the 39th ABW/PA mailbox in the 39th ABW Command Section of Bldg. 833. Please allow 5 duty days for a response from the 39th ABW commander. 

Members are reminded to try to resolve the issue at the lowest level using the chain of command. If the issue cannot be resolved at that level, feel free to submit an Action Line.

Submit Action Lines to incirlik.ActionLine@us.af.mil

To check the status of an Action Line, call DSN 676-6060.

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Lt. Col. Christopher M. Floyd LT. COL. CHRISTOPHER M. FLOYD

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher M. Floyd is the commander of the 717th Air Base Squadron, Ankara, Turkey.  His squadron operates the Ankara Support Facility that provides support to the US Embassy and the Ankara military community including the Office of Defense Cooperation-Turkey, NATO Center of Excellence-Defense against Terrorism, AFOSI, George