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The mission of the 39th Air Base Wing Judge Advocate's office is to provide professional, candid, independent counsel and full-spectrum legal capabilities to the 39th ABW and tenant organizations. 

General Information

The Incirlik Air Base Law Center provides professional legal support and advice to command and other staff agencies on a variety of issues, including military justice, contracts, international, environmental and operations law. We also provide legal assistance to our servicemembers and their families on a variety of legal issues.

General Office Hours
Mon - Fri:  830 - 1630

Legal assistance by appointment.

Phone Numbers

Commercial | 011-90-322-316-0212
DSN | 314-676-0212

AF Legal Asst Website

Air Force Legal Assiatance Website

The Air Force Legal Assistance Website is designed to help servicemembers and dependents obtain detailed information on a variety of legal issues. Because it is a public site, clients may access the site's features from the comfort of their homes without a CAC card. Please visit the website here.

Wills & Medical Directives

Wills and Advanced Medical Directives

Clients must fill out a will worksheet on our website and once they receive a ticket number, they can schedule an appointment by calling the Legal Office at 314-676-0212.

Will worksheets can be found here. Legal assistance attorneys can prepare wills and advance medical directives, including living wills and medical powers of attorney. These services are executed immediately following an appointment.

Powers of Attorney/Notary

Powers of Attorney and Notary Services

Powers of Attorney and notary services are provided on a walk-in basis. 

Please go to our website here to fill out your forms.
Once you receive a ticket number please come into our office with that number to get your documents printed and notarized.

MIlitary Justice Cmdr Advice

MIlitary Justice and Commander Advice

The Legal Office provides legal advice to the wing commander, as well as to subordinate units and partner commands under the worldwide mission. We enable commanders to uphold good order and discipline through the efficient and equitable administration of military justice, ranging from administrative actions to general courts-martial.

Area Defense Counsel

The Area Defense Counsel provides individual Air Force members independent legal representation. Airmen facing adverse administrative actions or who are suspected of committing an offense under the Uniform Code of Military Justice can receive confidential legal advice outside the chain of command.

The ADC can be contacted at 676-6962.


The Victim and Witness Assistance Program (VWAP), is a Commander-directed program that is supported by the Staff Judge Advocate Office. The VWAP Program provides guidance for the treatment of victims and witnesses of crime under the UCMJ. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, the Program ensures that victims and witnesses receive the information and assistance they deserve.

Please call 314-676-0212 to schedule an appointment with our VWAP coordinator.

Special Victims Council

The Special Victims' Counsel (SVC) office is an independent office that represents victims of sexual assault.

SVCs can provide a variety of legal services to victims: provide confidential legal advice; advise on the investigation and military justice process; attend interviews, hearings, and courts-martials; assert and protect privacy interests and other legal rights; and general legal assistance for victims.

SVC's are available to those who have made either restricted or unrestricted reports. Incirlik's servicing SVC office is located at Ramstein AB, Germany and can be reached by calling DSN 478-4SVC (4782) or by talking to a chaplain or SARC.

Side Bar Info

Physical Address:
39th Air Base Wing Judge Advocate
Legal Services/JAG
833 E Street
Incirlik Air Base, 

Official Mailing Address:
Unit 7123 Box 125
APO, AE 09824

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Phone Numbers
Commercial | 011-90-322-316-0212
DSN | 314-676-0212